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Rock Band 4 PC Version Seeking Crowdfunding

Rock on...again.

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Harmonix wants to bring its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One music game Rock Band 4 to PC--and it needs your help. The Boston-based developer today launched a crowdfunding campaign through the new Fig platform to bring the game to computers, asking for $1.5 million to make the project a reality. The total development cost is $2 million, but Harmonix is investing $500,000 of its own money into the project.

If the campaign is successful, the PC version of Rock Band 4 will launch in fall 2016. It is unclear at this time if Harmonix has any backup plans in place if the campaign does not make it.

One of the new features for the PC version of Rock Band 4 is the ability to create your own tracks. This functionality was available on consoles for previous Rock Band games through the Rock Band Network, but this service was shut down in 2014.

Harmonix also confirmed that the regular monthly updates for the console versions of Rock Band 4 will also be coming to PC, should the project get funded. The PC edition has all of the same content and features as the console versions, as well as the following items:

  • World Tour Campaign Mode
  • Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • 65 songs included "out of the box" - and you can get up to 33 additional songs if you back us here on Fig!
  • 1700+ additional playable songs available as downloadable content
  • Supporting wireless guitar controller, drum kit and next generation microphone

In addition:

  • Tools to author your own songs for play in the PC version of Rock Band 4 - submit them to Rock Band Network via Steam Workshop and share with the rest of the Rock Band 4 PC community!
  • Mouse and computer keyboard support for menu navigation
  • All feature and content updates from the console game. Rock Band 4 on the PC will have all of the updates released prior to its launch, and will continue to be updated alongside the console versions moving forward.

All pledges at $49 and above include a copy of Rock Band 4 for PC if funding is met. Also note that, unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, the Fig platform offers both traditional rewards-based pledges and investment.

Harmonix isn't developing Rock Band 4 for PC itself. Instead, they will use the crowdfunding money to hire Sumo Digital to make the game, so it can continue to work on the console versions.

Head to the Rock Band 4 PC crowdfunding page to learn more. Funding closes on April 5.

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