Rock Band 4 PC Adds $2,500 Package That Comes With All DLC Songs

The Rock Band 4 "Collector" tier represents the best deal Harmonix has ever offered on DLC.


Harmonix has announced a new backer tier for Rock Band 4's PC crowdfunding campaign that comes with (possibly) every song the studio has ever released as DLC.

There are currently more than 2,000 songs in the Rock Band Music Store that have been released since the first Rock Band debuted in 2007. You can get all of these songs, plus the DLC tracks released up until Rock Band's launch on PC (if the crowdfunding is successful) for $2,500.

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This is the "Collector" tier, and according to Harmonix, it represents the "best deal on DLC that we've ever offered, and perfect for the Rock Band super fan who wants to start over on PC." DLC songs often go for $2 each, so indeed, getting 2,000-plus songs for $2,500 is a good deal per se, but there are bound to be some tracks you aren't interested in.

It's possible the total number of songs included with the Collector tier will change, Harmonix warned, because licensing agreements may expire.

Harmonix also says it's "looking into" offering this ultra-package on console, but right now the studio does not have any concrete plans to do so.

One of the reasons why Harmonix is offering the Collector package for the PC version of Rock Band 4 is because DLC songs are licensed on a per-platform basis, and PC was not originally in the mix. Therefore, any DLC you may have on Rock Band 4's console version will not carry over to PC.

To bring Rock Band 4 to PC, Harmonix is asking for $1.5 million on crowdfunding website Fig, which offers both traditional rewards-based backing and investment. At press time, Harmonix has raised only 30 percent of that target ($452,891), with the bulk of that ($334,000) coming from investments, while rewards-based support stands at $118,000.

The campaign ends on April 5.

If successful, Harmonix will not develop the game itself (it is busy with Rock Band 4's console version and other projects), but will instead contract Dead Island 2 studio Sumo Digital to make the game.

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