Rock Band 4: Harmonix Launches Song Request Page

Now's your chance to let Harmonix know what songs you want to see in the upcoming game.

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Developer Harmonix has launched a new page where fans can submit their song requests for tracks they would like to see included in Rock Band universe going forward.

Just head to this page and write in your requested song title and artist. Not sure if the song you want is already in the game? Check out the Rock Band song database here. You can submit as many requests as you like.

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Of course, writing a request to Harmonix does not guarantee that your song will make it into the game. "But we will read every request to get a better understanding of what the community most wants to see in Rock Band," the developer wrote.

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos recently said that Rock Band 4 will have a "top-tier" soundtrack, though the game's tracklist remains a mystery. The developer is also planning to release even more DLC for the game outside of the title's on-disc tracklist.

Rock Band 4 was announced last week and it launches this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For everything you need to know about the game, see GameSpot's interview with Harmonix.

What songs would you like to see in Rock Band 4? My vote is for Opeth's "Deliverance" or anything from Led Zeppelin.

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