Rock Band 4 Adding Six of Van Halen's Best Songs Tomorrow as DLC

Plus, it sounds like even more songs are coming further down the road.


Harmonix will add six new songs from legendary group Van Halen to Rock Band 4's DLC store tomorrow, the developer has announced. These follow the Van Halen track "Panama," which was featured on the main disc.

The songs below will be available for $2 each or together through the Van Halen Hits Pack 01 for $10.

  • "Ain't Talking Bout Love"
  • "And the Cradle Will Rock"
  • "Dance the Night Away"
  • "Hot for Teacher"
  • "Runnin' With the Devil"
  • "Unchained"

This list is a good start, but Van Halen fans will no doubt want more. Thankfully, then, the name Hits Pack 01 suggests more are coming later; hopefully "Eruption" makes the cut.

Check out the video above to see a teaser for the six Van Halen songs in Rock Band 4. Better get practicing, too, as they have some mean guitar solos, especially the one on "Hot for Teacher."

By comparison, Activision dedicated an entire Guitar Hero title to the group in 2009. However, Rock Band 4 represented the first time the band's music had showed up in a Rock Band game.

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In other Rock Band 4 news, Harmonix and co-publisher Mad Catz announced today that standalone wireless controllers are now available to buy for $100. Previously, the only way to get a new Rock Band 4 controller was through the $130 game-and-guitar bundle or the $250 Band-in-a-Box package.

Rock Band 4, unlike Guitar Hero Live, also supports plastic guitars you might already own.

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