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Get an intelligence report on the different Invid opponents that you'll face in Robotech: Invasion.


Robotech: Invasion is the upcoming third-person action game that will put you at the controls of a powerful transformable motorcycle known as a Cyclone as you battle to defeat an alien menace that has taken over Earth. This follow-up to 2002's Robotech: Battlecry is set in the third chapter of the Robotech saga, when the mysterious Invid have conquered and colonized the planet, and a handful of resistance groups are fighting to liberate humanity. You zoom around the battlefield astride your Cyclone, and, with a flick of a switch, the motorcycle will transform into a formidable suit of power armor. There are a variety of enemies, but the primary opponent will be the many varieties of Invid that you'll encounter throughout the game. Robotech: Invasion will ship for the Xbox and PS2 later this year. Meanwhile, check out some exclusive new gameplay movies below.

Invid Enforcer

Looking like a futuristic armored knight, the Invid enforcer is almost humanoid in appearance, which is little surprise, considering that it was designed to patrol and occupy human settlements. The enforcer's size allows it to venture into areas where its larger Invid brethren simply cannot.

There are actually two variants of Invid enforcer: the standard model and the armored model, which packs heavier armor, as well as a pair of plasma cannons on its shoulders. Both variants are armed with a plasma cannon attached to one arm and a large shield attached to the other. The plasma cannon is capable of rapid and charged fire. Rapid fire shoots a volley of plasma blasts and is effective at medium to long range. The charged plasma blast is a concentrated blast of energy that is effective at long range. Indeed, the charged plasma blast often doubles as a sniper weapon. The armored variant of the enforcer can use its shoulder-mounted plasma cannons at medium to long range. The cannons fire simultaneously, so a solid hit can dish out a decent amount of damage.

Invid enforcers have a relatively low armor rating, though they can and will use their shield to deflect attacks. Also be aware that the enforcer can use that shield as a powerful melee weapon to knock opponents back.

Invid Scout

If the Invid enforcers serve as the infantry of the Invid military, the Invid scouts are their eyes and ears. A scout is a small, fast-moving airborne unit that can dart over a battlefield, though they're primarily used as backup units. You'll often see Invid scouts hovering above the battlefield and firing from a distance, but their speed and nimbleness make them difficult to hit. To make matters worse, scouts like to attack in numbers, so you'll rarely encounter them on their own.

The Invid scout is armed with twin plasma cannons that are located atop its armored skeleton and are capable of several different firing modes. There's a short-range bomb attack in which the scout zeros in and unloads a steady stream of fire into the target. Then there's the charged plasma blast, which allows the scout to hover at a distance and unleash two synchronized bolts of plasma at the target. Finally, at long distances, the scout can use a lobbed plasma attack, which literally lobs a ball of plasma at the target.

Thankfully, the Invid scout sacrifices armor and protection for mobility, so if you can draw a bead on one, you'll discover that it has a relatively low armor rating.

Invid Mortar Scout

The Invid mortar scout is a somewhat larger, heavier, and more powerful variant of the Invid scout, and it's capable of hitting you from very long ranges. If you come under fire and can't locate the perpetrator, make sure to scan any nearby hillsides and ridgelines for the profile of an Invid mortar scout.

The Invid mortar scout looks just like a regular Invid scout, save for the three large mortar barrels attached to its hull. The mortar scout can use these mortars in rapid-fire mode, or it can charge a powerful blast that concentrates the fire of all three cannons. The good news is that the mortar scout carries no other weapons, save for its powerful claws.

Due to the weight of its mortar barrels and thicker armor, the mortar scout is not as nimble as the regular Invid scout. The preferred tactic for the mortar scout is to plant itself at long range and shell you from a distance. This can work to your advantage, as the Invid mortar scout tends to be immobile when firing. A careful shot with the sniper rifle to the mortar scout's vulnerable eye can take out this foe.

Invid Trooper/Invid Shock Trooper

The towering Invid trooper and Invid shock trooper make up the bulk of the powerful Invid military. These are the main grunts of the Invid, capable of using speed and brute strength to crush the enemy. While capable of limited flight, both of these units fight primarily on the ground.

A regular Invid trooper is a challenging foe. At roughly three times the height of a human, a trooper strides across the land like a powerful giant. Though it lacks energy weapons, it packs a formidable melee attack. It can swing its giant claw at enemies who get too close, or it can shake the ground by leaping into the air and slamming back to earth. Then there's the berserker charge, where the Invid trooper does its best imitation of a bull and tries to ram you at full speed.

The shock trooper variant is easily recognizable thanks to the twin plasma cannons attached to its shoulder blades. In addition to all the devastating melee attacks of the regular trooper, the shock trooper can fire a variety of energy blasts, including a charged plasma blast and a lobbed plasma attack.

Both the regular trooper and the shock trooper have heavy armor, but they also boast a moderate amount of speed. Needless to say, you should be careful when battling this powerful foe.

Invid Pincer

The huge Invid pincers are the elite units of the Invid military. Identifying an Invid pincer is easy, thanks to its blue color, its size (it's four times the height of a regular human), and the distinct, U-shaped heat cannons affixed to its body.

The pincer's most dangerous weapon are those heat cannons, which can unleash a steady stream of plasma that inflicts heavy damage on a target. At medium to long range, the pincer can fire plasma bolts, which are rapid volleys of fire from the two heat cannons. Meanwhile, if you get too close, the pincer is capable of delivering powerful melee attacks--it can jab at you with its huge metal arms, or it may even try to simply stomp on you, using its size to its advantage.

Pincers act as leaders on the battlefield, so they'll usually try to keep their distance in a fight. They'll also break off contact at times to summon reinforcements. To make things worse, pincers have some of the heaviest armor in the game, so trying to take one down can be difficult. The only good news is that all that mass makes the pincer a relatively slow-moving unit, so you should use your mobility to your advantage when in a fight against one.

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