Robotech: Invasion E3 2004 Preshow First Look

The newest Robotech video game takes place during the Invid Invasion, the third and final part of the television saga.


The Invid Invasion that constituted the third and final part of the Robotech television saga is the subject of Robotech: Invasion, the newest Robotech-based video game.

The previous Robotech video game released in North America was 2002’s Robotech: Battlecry, which was based during the first part of the Robotech saga. That game was published by TDK Mediactive, which was acquired by Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two also owns Gathering, which is publishing Invasion. Battlecry was developed by Vicious Cycle, which is also developing Invasion.

In Invasion, you’ll play as the survivors of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, which attempted to liberate Earth from the forces of the Invid, insectlike aliens who have claimed Earth as their new homeworld. Echoing the Scott Bernard storyline from the television show, you’ll have to wage a guerrilla war as you attempt to defeat the Invid once and for all.

Robotech is famed for its mecha--vehicles that can transform into giant robots. In Invasion, you’ll be able to control the Cyclone, the futuristic motorcycle that transforms into powerful power armor that encases its rider. Wearing Cyclone power armor, you’ll have a powerful array of weapons at your disposal, and you’ll be capable of limited flight and acrobatic moves.

Invasion promises free-form first-person action with expansive environments. Your missions will include raids of Invid hives, battles with human gangs, and the never-ending search for protoculture, the mysterious energy source that powers human mecha and that the Invid ingest. There will also be a parallel scenario that will let you play as a second character and experience the plot from a different point of view.

The game will support two-player split-screen play and eight players via Xbox Live or PlayStation 2 online. Invasion is due out this fall.

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