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Check out the mechs that you'll have at your command in Take-Two's upcoming anime-based action game.


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The latest Robotech game from Take-Two and developer Vicious Cycle will put players into both the thick of the Invid invasion of Earth and the subsequent human rebellion, which Robotech fans should be well acquainted with. The game won't actually cast you as familiar characters from the series, but you will be able to play through well-known events in the storyline.

The most important part of the new game, of course, will be the giant robots--in the parlance of Robotech, called "cyclones"--that you'll get to pilot and blow things up with. In the interest of promoting more things being blown up, we offer a profile highlighting the cyclones that will be on offer in Robotech: Invasion. Read on for details.

VR-038 Light Combat Cyclone

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The light combat cyclone is standard issue for recon scout class soldiers. Extra shielding has been sacrificed for higher mobility and a shorter recharge time. This armor is tailor-made for long-distance encounters and stealth missions thanks to its night- and thermal-vision modes.

Cyclone Stats
Shield Rating: 80
Shield Recharge Speed: 2603ms
Missile Complement: 25
Max Missile Volley Size: 4

Mobility--more agile than the other cyclone classes.
Shields--once depleted, the shield will recharge at a very fast clip.

Armor--less armor means a smaller margin for error in the heat of battle.
Missiles--a smaller payload and a smaller volley size are necessary evils given the VR-038's streamlined stature.

Read on to see even more of Robotech: Invasion's cyclones.

VR-041 Saber Cyclone

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While the VR-041 is an older model cyclone, it is second only to the brand-new VR-064 in close-quarters combat. It has been nicknamed the "Saber" thanks to the retractable, high-frequency vibroblades (CADS-1) on each arm. Night-vision mode makes combat in dark areas no problem.

Cyclone Stats
Shield Rating: 110
Shield Recharge Speed: 5752 ms
Missile Complement: 35
Max Missile Volley Size: 6

Close-range combat - being able to unsheathe a pair of blades at any time confers a huge advantage when in a confined area.
Missiles - above average missile complement and volley size.

Extra functionality - not as many additional features as some of the newer-model cyclones.
Shields - very slow recharge.

VR-052 Battler Cyclone

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This cyclone is infantry standard issue, and it's built to get REF troops in and out of areas where a long-distance strike is just not an option. Getting up close and personal with the Invid is still not recommended, but the VR-052 will give you a fighting chance. It also comes with a night-vision mode.

Cyclone Stats
Shield Rating: 100
Shield Recharge Speed: 4017 ms
Missile Complement: 16
Max Missile Volley Size: 2

Durability - the VR-052 was built to last, so it can take a pounding better than most of the other cyclone classes.
Shields - nice balance between shield strength and recharge speed.

Extra functionality - given its status as a base model, this is essentially a no-frills cyclone.
Missiles - whereas the latest cyclones utilize space-saving internal compactors to maximize missile payloads, the VR-052 must fit all of its missiles in a standard chest-mounted loading tray. Thus, the missile carrying capacity is necessarily limited.

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VR-055 Devastator Cyclone

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This incredible new machine mixes the heavy ordnance and high armor rating of the VR-041 with the night and thermal-vision modes of the VR-038, making it the most balanced cyclone to come out of Robotech R&D thus far. Unfortunately, the extra armor makes the addition of the CADS-1 system impossible.

Cyclone Stats
Shield Rating: 150
Shield Recharge Speed: 8098 ms
Missile Complement: 50
Max Missile Volley Size: 10

Armor - it features the most of any cyclone currently in production.
Missiles - a huge missile complement with a large volley size as an added bonus.

Mobility - more weight means a sacrifice in speed and agility.
Shields - once depleted, they take a significant amount of time to recharge.

VR-064 Shadow Dancer Cyclone

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The Shadow Dancer is still in the prototype phase and is issued only to Special Forces. The fantastic new cloaking system makes it possible to sneak up on almost any adversary so that the CADS-2A can dispatch them quickly. Night and thermal-vision modes make the VR-064 the ultimate black-ops mech.

Cyclone Stats
Shield Rating: 70
Shield Recharge Speed: 2109 ms
Missile Complement: 35
Max Missile Volley Size: 6

Cloak ability - the cloak functionality makes avoiding Invid patrols and infiltrating enemy structures a much more manageable task.
Close-range combat - CADS blades are always an advantage in tight quarters.

Armor - this cyclone's armor rating was significantly reduced to meet desired speed and maneuverability benchmarks.
Reliability - the VR-064 has only recently been introduced, so its long-term viability has yet to be assessed.

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