Robotech: Invasion Character Profiles

Gathering fills us in on the backstories of the playable characters in Vicious Cycle's upcoming shooter.


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Currently scheduled for release early next month, Robotech: Invasion is an anime-inspired first-person shooter in which you'll assume the roles of two original characters. The first portion of the game will see you playing as an amnesiac soldier named Locke, while in the latter stages you'll play as a Robotech scout named Tasha. Gathering has released profiles for both of the playable characters--profiles which, as you'll see for yourself, hint at what promises to be a quite intriguing storyline. Read on for details.


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Age: 35
Sex: Male
Height: 183cm
Weight: 95 kg
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
Accent: Neutral
Related to: Tasha (fiancée)
Personality Descriptors: Intimidated, Shell-Shocked, Fragile, Reserved, Quiet, Reflective

At one time part of the initial human assault on the Invid Reflex Point, amnesiac Locke now toils as a member of one of the many Freedom Fighter cells roaming the Earth. He and his ragtag group of civilian and military Cyclone riders are on a seemingly endless mission to return to Reflex Point and ultimately liberate the planet's enslaved populace.

While Locke doesn't have a clear recollection of his military service prior to his time on Earth, his skills in battle haven't diminished one bit. He's an expert Cyclone pilot and proficient in all types of weapons, both protoculture-based and more traditional ballistic firepower.

Though his quest to destroy the Invid remains his primary purpose, part of him hopes the trip back to the Invid Hive will help him regain his lost memory.


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Age: 25
Sex: Female
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
Accent: Neutral
Related to: Locke (fiancé)
Personality Descriptors: Pessimistic, Low Self-Esteem, Betrayed

A scout with the returning Robotech forces, Tasha lands on Earth on a mission to investigate rumors of a new type of Invid soldier--one that looks and acts human. Unfortunately, things look grim for the human forces already on the planet, and before she can even start her mission, Tasha gets swept up into a full-fledged battle against an overwhelming Invid force.

Tasha's strong, independent demeanor hides an inner pain: the loss of the man she loves. While it has been four years since he was declared missing in action, his voice still haunts her dreams. She attempts to bury her feelings of sorrow and regret by throwing herself into each mission she's assigned, striving to fulfill them at any cost.

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