Robomodo looking to fund Kinect game via Kickstarter

Tony Hawk Ride/Shred developer looking to crowd-source funding for Xbox Live Arcade game; large contributions land executive producer credits.


Robomodo may have only two titles under its belt as a studio, but its aggregate staff has been part of more than a few big releases over the years. Coming off of two Tony Hawk titles that changed the way that series was played, the development house is looking to make an Xbox Live Arcade game that changes the way console titles are funded.

Robomodo hopes crowd-sourcing the funding for Bodoink is a slam Bodunk.
Robomodo hopes crowd-sourcing the funding for Bodoink is a slam Bodunk.

In a campaign that launched yesterday, Robomodo announced the XBLA title Bodoink and revealed its plans to try to pay for the project using crowd-sourced funding platform Kickstarter. Kickstarter serves as a platform for people to fund projects they find interesting. This crowd-sourcing method breaks pledges into various tiers, each of which earns a commensurate level of reward should the project reach its funding goal.

The Bodoink project goal is set at $35,000 with 28 days to go and $867 pledged after a day of funding. The top four pledge amounts ($1,000, $1,500, $2,500, and $5,000) score donors a spot in the credits with the respective titles of design consultant for the first two, assistant designer, and executive producer. Among other perks, the top four tiers also include a visit to the studio, and the top three include an in-game likeness.

Bodoink is being developed by Robomodo's family-friendly arm, Robomite. The game's project page describes the pinball-inspired title as a game where players control an avatar "to pop as many pegs as possible while getting knocked around by pistons, conveyor belts, and teleporters." As for why it went with Kickstarter, the studio said, "It's all about finishing the entire project," and "maintain[ing] control over rights to the game as it is being shown to publishers for distribution."

Robomodo subsidiary Robomite was formed earlier this year with a focus on family-friendly games. The parent developer touts team member credits, including games in the Tony Hawk, Fight Night, WWE, and Mortal Kombat franchises. Robomite is targeting Bodoink for an April 2012 release.

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