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Roblox Will Host A Twenty One Pilots Concert Next Week, Fans Get To Pick The Songs

There will also be special quests and limited-edition virtual merch available as part of the special concert experience.


Roblox is hosting another in-game concert with a massive musical guest. Following the Lil Nas X concert last year, Twenty One Pilots will play a show inside the game later this year, and fans will get to decide the setlist in real time as part of the special event.

The Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience, as it's called, will take place on Friday, September 17, starting at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. This will be the first stop on the Grammy Award-winning band's Takeøver Tour.

Twenty One Pilots comes to Roblox on September 17
Twenty One Pilots comes to Roblox on September 17

The concert is described as a "high-fidelity" experience that allows fans to choose the setlist in real time. The performance will include five songs, including their hits (you can bet "Stressed Out" will be performed) as well as new songs from the group's Scaled and Icy album that came out earlier this year.

There will also be "metaverse-spanning" quests, virtual merchandise for the show, and "much more." The Twenty One Pilots event page is available now ahead of the gig.

Twenty One Pilots creative director Mark Eshleman said in a statement that the band has "spent their entire career figuring out how to reach the most people possible," and partnering with Roblox is a way to do that.

"The Roblox team has made an effort every step of the way to honor the band's fans, its lore, and history to make sure this experience aligns with what people can expect from a show," Eshleman said.

"We are taking virtual concerts to the next level with our Twenty One Pilots virtual concert experience. We wanted to make it truly interactive and participatory for the fans, for the band, and for our broader Roblox developer community," Roblox music boss Jon Vlassopulos said. "Fans will be able to decide the order of the songs that they hear by choosing with their friends. They will be able to interact with the environment in creative ways becoming part of the show, and Tyler and Josh will participate in a live chat with fans after the virtual concert. This is what Roblox is built for, bringing people together to interact in new and exciting ways and we are just scratching the surface of what's possible."

A behind-the-scenes look at Twenty One Pilots recording the Roblox performance in front of a green screen
A behind-the-scenes look at Twenty One Pilots recording the Roblox performance in front of a green screen

Warner Music Group boss Oana Ruxandra said teaming up with Roblox is part of the music label's effort to find new ways for its groups to connect with fans.

Here is a rundown of how the Twenty One Pilots concert will unfold, as written by Roblox:

  1. A dynamic setlist that gives users in each concert the ability to control the order of songs performed through instantaneous voting once the concert begins. Each song will feature its own meticulously designed set with a high level of fidelity and realism, powered by the latest in Roblox's lighting, physically based rendering, and motion capture technologies.
  2. Emotes, interactive features, and bespoke virtual merchandise ("verch") – including more than 30 exclusive custom-designed pieces available for purchase.
  3. Metaverse-spanning pre-concert quests that will be integrated into three top Roblox experiences — Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands, Creatures of Sonaria, and World // Zero, which collectively have over 400 million visits. These quests will enable users to earn Twenty One Pilots prizes and include portals that allow users to be transported into the Twenty One Pilots pre-concert venue from across the Roblox platform in the days leading up to the concert.
  4. Behind the scenes footage detailing the creation of the virtual concert itself and a Q&A interview with the band, available now as part of the pre-concert experience.

Replays for the performance will take place at the beginning of each hour until Sunday, September 19 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

It's not just Roblox hosting in-game concerts, as Fortnite has done the same with massive artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

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