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Roblox To Feature Charli XCX And Samsung Collab In A Virtual Pop Star Game

Live your Hannah Montana dreams.


Experiential store fronts and ad campaigns are increasingly popular--be that in real life or in virtual spaces. One of the latest is Samsung Superstar Galaxy, an experimental collab featuring Charli XCX inside Roblox. It's out today, so you can live your pop star dreams.

Superstar Galaxy asks players to do virtual pop star stuff in an intergalactic setting with an in-game version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone. Pop Star tasks include making your pop star persona, building and performing on your own stages, and playing minigames. The virtual phone will serve as your hub where you get missions from Charli XCX.

Samsung Superstar Galaxy in-game images

Charli XCX will give a virtual concert on June 17 and players have a chance to join her on stage.

We've been seeing in-game collabs consistently for awhile. Fortnite famously worked with Balenciaga to bring branded clothes in-game. Roblox also collaborated with Gucci on a "multimedia experience" called the Gucci Garden.

Roblox has a storied history of crossing over with other brands. Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog will show up at some point in-game in the future--the release date is currently unknown. There was also that Chipotle collab where you could build a virtual burrito in Roblox.

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