Roblox Adds Burrito Builder Game With Chipotle, Lets You Get Burritos In Real Life

It is National Burrito Day, and Roblox is celebrating through a partnership with Chipotle.


April 7 is National Burrito Day, and Roblox is celebrating the occasion by launching a new burrito-themed game inside the sandbox title. The Chipotle Burrito Builder game is launching today, allowing users to roll their own burritos for an opportunity to get real burritos.

You can download the Chipotle Burrito Builder from the Roblox website here. The game goes live at 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET, and it'll be available for a limited amount of time.

As you can see in the announcement trailer, the Chipotle Burrito Builder lets users roll virtual burritos, and there is even a reference to how guac costs extra. Players get "Burrito Bucks" for rolling virtual burritos, and 100 bucks earns you a burrito in real life from your nearest Chipotle. Players can also unlock cosmetics like a tie dye burrito t-shirt, sunglasses, and other items as part of this collaboration.

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In other news about Roblox, founder and CEO David Baszucki's base salary is dropping to $0, but the executive is poised to receive a "Long-Term Performance Award" worth up to $233 million.

While Roblox has had a strong year, having passed a number of big milestones for its platform, as well as increasing revenue, its share price recently took a dip, disappointing investors.

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