Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown E3 2003 Preshow Report

We've got the latest on this strategy action game set in 12th-century England.


Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown

Following the announcement that Capcom will publish Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown for the PlayStation 2, the company released additional information on the game itself, which revives Cinemaware's classic action strategy game that was popular on computers in the '80s.

In the game, you will become the prince of thieves himself, whose ambition is to overthrow England's corrupt lords, especially one Prince John. It seems this glad-hander has become the illegitimate King of England and is now up to no good. Robin Hood, a man of the people, won't stand for it, so you'll have to help him and his allies take out the nasty aristocrat once and for all. The best known Robin Hood characters such as Maid Marian, Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlet will make an appearance and will be brought to life by professional British actors and cinematic cutscenes. A fully orchestral soundtrack will round out the experience. Capcom is saying that the storyline will be full of plot twists and that it will stay true to the roots of Defender of the Crown while at the same time retelling the story of Robin Hood in a new light.

The open-ended gameplay will combine strategic planning as Robin of Locksley sweeps across 38 territories of England, and in so doing, he'll engage in five different types of medieval action sequences: archery, fencing, jousting, siege warfare, and large-scale army battles. Eight different endings may unfold, depending on how you've played your cards over the course of the game.

Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown was originally announced for the PC and Xbox as well as the PlayStation 2, but Capcom has not specifically mentioned whether the above features will apply to the other versions of the game. We'll have more on Cinemaware's revival of this computer favorite as information becomes available.

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