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Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy Gets 4K Limited Edition, Preorders Discounted

Return to Mexico in this action-packed trilogy of films from director Robert Rodriguez.


Director Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy is getting the 4K treatment this summer. This collection consists of his breakout hits and includes a ton of bonus content as well, so if you've been looking to revisit El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, this is the box set to grab. Currently priced at $73 (was $100) at Amazon, The Mexico Trilogy is set to release on August 27.

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The box set comes with a booklet written by film historians Carlos Aguilar and Nicholas Clement, and double-sided posters for each film.

These are all terrific films, showcasing Rodriguez's talent for crafting high-octane action. El Mariachi was infamously made on a $7,000 budget and follows a young musician after he enters a dangerous border town and finds himself on the wrong end of a gun after a case of mistaken identity. Mayhem--naturally--ensues. Rodriguez would follow up El Mariachi with Desperado, the film that arguably put him and his star Antonio Banderas on the map.

A Hollywood production, Desperado saw Mariachi tear a bloody path through the Mexican underworld, and he'd return in 2003's Once Upon a Time in Mexico to start a bloody war for the soul of Mexico itself.

Beyond the films, there's a mountain of extras included here. The special features include new and archival featurettes, interviews with the cast and crew of the films, and most importantly, a cooking feature where Rodriguez teaches you how to make the Puerco Pibil from Once Upon a Time in Mexico. You know, the dish worth dying for as Johnny Depp demonstrated in that film. Additionally, there are tons of deleted scenes, promotional materials like trailers, and commentary tracks featuring Rodriguez for all three movies.

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