Robbie Lakeman Sets New Donkey Kong World Record Live On Twitch

The former number two place-holder has just reclaimed the top spot.


Donkey Kong player Robbie Lakeman has achieved a new world record of 1,260,700 while streaming on Twitch, surpassing player John McCurdy's 2019 record of 1,259,000. While the achievement hasn't yet been verified on Twin Galaxies' Donkey Kong leaderboard, the full run is available to watch on Twitch.

Lakeman previously held the second highest record at 1,247,700, set in February 2018, and has long been one of the top players in the community.

The news that he had set a new record was tweeted out by Billy Mitchell, a fellow Donkey Kong player who featured in the movie The King of Kong, and later became infamous for allegations of cheating on his historical DK records. After an investigation, Twin Galaxies wiped his high scores from the site and banned him from submitting any new ones. However, the Guinness Book of World Records eventually reinstated Mitchell's records into its own collection in a split from Twin Galaxies. This applies not only to Donkey Kong, but also to Pac-Man.

Lakeman's record-setting moment was clipped a number of times on Twitch, where he often runs record-beating attempts. The full four hour session is also available to view for those who are curious.

While there's still a chance Twin Galaxies will reject the attempt, it appears to have been completed on the same set up used to record his 2018 run.

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