River City Girls' Kyoko Kicks Hard In New Trailer

She'll break you if you touch her Riki.

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Now Playing: River City Girls - Gameplay Teaser Trailer

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After showcasing the hot-blooded Misako in a recent character spotlight, developer WayForward Technologies has shone a light on River City Girls' second playable character, the cute and bubbly Kyoko. And she's ready to batter the boys and girls who touch her precious boyfriend Riki.

Kyoko's character spotlight shows the breadth of her moveset, which includes a plethora of kicks reminiscent of One Piece's Sanji or Street Fighter's Chun-Li. Similar to Misako, Kyoko's moveset is customizable with an assortment of moves from crescent moon kicks to WWE-style back throws. There seems to be some light RPG mechanics as you collect money to spend on upgrading your waifu.

We had an opportunity to play River City Girls at Anime Expo 2019, calling it one of the better anime-like games we're watching closely this year. The beat-em-up features retro-inspired graphics that call back to previous Kunio-kun games like River City Ransom and River City: Tokyo Rumble. Instead of focusing on series mainstays Kunio and Riki, though, River City Girls modernizes its formula by putting girl power at the forefront, making the protagonists' girlfriends the stars of the story.

River City Girls is set to launch on September 5 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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