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Risk Of Rain 2 Is Officially Launching On PC In August

The console version will leave Early Access sometime this Fall.


Risk of Rain 2's official PC launch has been delayed until sometime in August. Consoles will see the official launch, which includes a number of new features and content, sometime in the fall.

Hopoo Games detailed changes to its roadmap in a Steam blog post on Friday, citing feedback the studio received in response to a tweet it made in early May about what the community wanted from the official launch. The developer said it learned it has "quite a few areas of improvement we could work on" before the game leaves Early Access.

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"The timing has not been altered because of COVID-19--we’re incredibly lucky in that our business was mostly unaffected," Hopoo Games wrote. "The timing has changed because we’re expanding the scope of the 1.0 Update."

The new official launch will have better online functionality, including a server browser and community-hosted dedicated servers for private and public matches. Hopoo Games said it didn't envision the game becoming this popular and that the quickplay tools it originally implemented don't support players as much as they should.

"Quickplay served an important function at launch, especially because we didn’t know how popular the game may become--but the QP featureset is barebones," the studio said. "Not only that, but the game has evolved past needing to just find a match--you need to find the right match."

New content, including a brand-new survivor, the final stage and boss, and more items and equipment, is also on the way.

A June update for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 version is still on track. It'll bring the new items, stages, and bosses that are already live on PC. The official launch on consoles is delayed until sometime this Fall.

"Our hope is to be doing more frequent Dev Thoughts leading up to 1.0, highlighting any interesting features or additions we are adding that can really make 1.0 feel like a full release version of Risk of Rain 2. We truly do feel like this is the right choice for the game--and I hope you all agree when 1.0 rolls around."

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