Rise to Honor E3 2003 Preshow Report

Jet Li stars in this big-budget action game from Sony's Foster City studio.


Jet Li stars as Kit Yun in Sony's upcoming action game Rise to Honor. You'll take control of Yun in this story-driven adventure, taking him from Hong Kong to San Francisco in an attempt to fulfill your boss's dying wish--to deliver a message to his estranged daughter, Michelle. As in most game storylines, things quickly spin out of control, pitting your character against tons of different enemies.

The game is a martial-arts-fueled action game, featuring controls for fighting at any angle, with a combo system, blocks, counters, and supermoves. The game has contextual actions that will let you work with various objects in the environment. Rise to Honor is surely one of the few games out there to require a fight choreographer. In this case, longtime Jet Li collaborator Cory Yuen--who worked with Li on The One, Kiss of the Dragon, and Lethal Weapon 4--is choreographing the game's fights. You'll move through 10 different worlds in your quest.

Rise to Honor will bust its way onto the PlayStation 2 this fall.

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