Rise of the Tomb Raider Listed on Amazon for PC, PS3, and 360

Rise of the Planet of the Tombs


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Retailer Amazon.uk has posted a listing for the next Tomb Raider game that shows it as available for both current-gen and last-gen platforms.

Announced at E3 last week during the Microsoft press conference, Rise of the Tomb Raider's reveal trailer (you can watch it again here in case you missed it) was short on details outside of the fact that it'll be on Xbox One, it's a direct sequel to the previous Tomb Raider game, and it's coming "holiday 2015."

We've reached out to Square Enix representatives to find out whether this posting was made on accident, or whether it's an unintentional early reveal of the game's platforms. The US Amazon site currently only lists the game for Xbox One.

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