Rise of the Kasai E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

Find out what the sequel to The Mark of Kri has in store.


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Follow Rau and Kuzo once again in the sequel to 2002's The Mark of Kri. In Rise of the Kasai, you'll step back 10 years before the events of the original game, then jump 10 years ahead when a new magical threat has appeared. This time, you'll be joined by new characters, including Rau's younger sister, Tati, who is considerably more agile and has a distinctly darker side. As the last of the Rakus, they must fight, scout, and sneak through 10 levels on the way to discovering their family's secret and the origins of the Kasai.

Rise of the Kasai builds on Bottlerocket's innovative combat system designed to let you queue up attacks against up to nine simultaneous targets using the right analog stick. Both Rau and Tati have a unique and balanced mix of armed and stealth attacks and special combo moves. Tati's new weapons emphasize her stealth and agility: daggers, a deadly staff with retracting blades, an axe, and a proximity-based weapon. While Rau can use Kuzo to scout ahead and distract enemies, Tati relies on her spirit-walk ability to see through the eyes of the dead and to become invisible.

In single-player, you control one of the two main characters as the siblings attempt to discover the truth behind a fortune foretelling Rau's death, but there's a cooperative online mode that lets two players work in tandem. The game includes USB headset support to enhance the cooperative experience.

Rise of the Kasai is currently scheduled for early 2005.

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