Rise And Fall of Trilobyte

Geoff Keighley details the events that led to the creation, success and eventual downfall of one of the industry's most influential game developers.


In its heyday, Trilobyte could do no wrong. Founded in 1990 by Rob Landeros, an artistic visionary, and Graeme Devine, a technical junkie, the Oregon-based development house was responsible for two of the decade's most memorable and technologically advanced games: The 7th Guest and its sequel, the 11th Hour. But as quickly as Trilobyte rose to success, it plummeted towards failure.

Landeros and Devine have since gone their separate ways, each blaming the other for the company's demise. In a worldwide exclusive Behind the Games feature, Geoff Keighley details the accounts of the rise and fall of Trilobyte from the perspectives of both founders, neither of which have spoken to the other in well over three years. Over eight months were spent sorting through design documents, reading company emails and interviewing nearly 50 employees to bring you this comprehensive story.

You'll find information about the never-before-seen 7th Guest III, including artwork and in-game screenshots; revelations about an Unreal-engine based 7th Guest game; the real reason behind the delay of The 11th Hour; and the events that ultimately led to the downfall of Trilobyte.

Trilobyte's story has never been told, but that changes today. This is Haunted Glory: The Rise and Fall of Trilobyte.

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