Riot's Project L Video Showcases Core Fighting System, Including Tag Mechanics

Fresh gameplay of Ahri, Jinx, and other champions is on display as well.


During the last Project L update back in August, executive producer Tom Cannon said there would be one more update for the upcoming fighter from Riot Games before the end of 2022. That update has arrived in the form of a six-minute dev diary highlighting core gameplay mechanics, tag options, and brand-new gameplay.

Cannon and game director Shaun Rivera are the featured devs in this video, with Rivera walking through multiple core mechanics that make up the fighting system of Project L. Both offensive and defensive mechanics are shown, including air mobility options like double and super jumps.

Rivera then explains the tag system, where he specifically calls out three important tag features:

  • Assist Actions, which function like the assists from previous tag fighters like Marvel vs. Capcom. Every character will have two assist options, and the button can be held to make the assist a charge attack.
  • Handshake Tag, which allows a player to switch between characters while both are on screen at the same time, such as right after a successful assist attack.
  • Dynamic Save, which Rivera refers to as the game's "combo breaker," consists of a burst counter where a partner comes in and helps their teammate on-screen. Dynamic Saves can be countered, however, so they must be used wisely.

Multiple champions were shown in real-time gameplay during the video, including Ahri, Jinx, Darius, and Ekko. Illaoi, who was confirmed as playable during the August update, was also shown, but according to Cannon she is only "about 30% complete."

Project L is a free-to-play fighting game scheduled to release in 2023, though Riot Games has not yet revealed which consoles it will launch for as of this writing. The game is a 2v2 tag-based fighting game with a roster made up of champions from League of Legends.

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