Riot fines League of Legends cheaters $30,000

Riot Games has found Korean team Azubu Frost guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct; the team will be fined 20 percent of its winnings; fine to be donated to a Riot Games charity in Korea.


Riot Games has come to a decision concerning cheating allegations on day three of the League of Legends World Playoffs, following an extensive investigation.

Riot Games has issued a fine after investigating cheating allegations.
Riot Games has issued a fine after investigating cheating allegations.

Writing on the League of Legends forums, Riot vice president of eSports Dustin Beck outlined that Korean team Azubu Frost (AzF) has been found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, and will be fined $30,000, a figure representing 20 percent of the team's current tournament winnings.

The fine will be donated to Riot Games' charity in Korea.

Three other teams were issued warnings for unsportsmanlike conduct, and one other team was cleared of any misconduct.

During the investigation, Riot found that AzF Woong had violated the rules by looking at the stage screens displaying the opposing team's minimap during game 1 of quarterfinal number 3, and that his actions yielded benefits for his team in the game. According to Riot's investigation, other members of AzF modified their gameplay based upon the information obtained by AzF Woong.

Riot re-examined photos, videos, and renders of the stage layout to better understand sight lines between the players and the maps placed overhead before coming to a final decision.

"We evaluated these cases based on intent, severity and tangible impact to the course of the game," Beck said. "Based on our investigation, the Azubu Frost incident is the only one where we determined there to be tangible impact; we believe other members of AzF modified their gameplay based upon the information gained. We don’t believe, however, that these actions decided the winner of the game.

"We take this stuff seriously. Our rules on sportsmanlike conduct are clearly communicated to competitors, and our decisions here are based on those rules. More importantly, this sort of behavior shouldn't have been possible in the first place, and we recognise that and have taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen in the future."

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Avatar image for PotatoSpud

You know, some people are saying that "it wasn't their fault", but it really was. Even if he saw it "by accident", he still used the info to his team's advantage and hoped no one would notice. If you're going to be a public icon for people to look up to, I'd rather have someone who prefers a clean fight, and knows that a true 'win' is when the odds are against you, not for you.

This really does show character though, and in fact, they should just do this in ALL THE SPORTS. That is, what they should do, is place all the info needed to 'cheat' or have an 'unfair advantage' right behind all the players, and if you can't control yourself and look, then you don't deserve to be a pro and you get the BAN HAMMER. Sportsmanship, it's not just a word you throw around for no reason.


Avatar image for tgwolf

Behold and fear the inordinate power of online-only games! This is your final warning!

Avatar image for Sumna87

It looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!

Avatar image for justin01

Cheater cheater, pumpkin........... man these guys look like some uber nerds.

Avatar image for soulless4now

First, lol

Second, at least it's going to charity.

Avatar image for bjornborgue

The blame should rest with Riot games for setting up monitors where the opposing team could see them.

Avatar image for Richmaester6907

@bjornborgue Or they shouldn't have cheated in a fair competition seriously if we have to hide the fucking monitors then what is the point.

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@Richmaester6907 @bjornborgue Reginald of Team solid mid (the team that Azubu frost cheated against) even pointed out to a riot official during the pause in the first game of their series that he could clearly see the mini-map from where he was sitting and inquired if they were going to do anything about it. While players in a competition should be honest (many many are), if it's really that easy for people to cheat the stakes are so high that even the most honest of competitors can by tempted by the dark side.What's the point? Cheating should not be readily available... that's the point.

Avatar image for mhaed

They should have taken all winnings from the cheaters. Period. How do you expect them to learn that it's not okay to cheat? Not only do they still get a good amount of money, they get the idea in their head that cheating will only result in partial cuts.

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@mhaed Even TSM puts no blame on AzF for looking... they pointed it out before the match that it was clearly visible with a quick head turn, they were almost expecting someone to look. All blame goes to Riot IMO, even the best of us are tempted.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Wait, so they catch them cheating, but only take 20 percent of their winnings? Why not 100 percent of their winnings? "Cheating's ok, because we can still win 80 percent of the prize!" Makes sense.

Avatar image for starduke

Put blinders on all the competitors!

Avatar image for blackace

Well, they got caught and paid the ultimate price losing a sizable amount of money. I believe the people who sent up the monitors should also be penalized some funds as well, since it was there fault. I noticed nothing was said about that.

Avatar image for Vodoo

I thought they should be stripped of their winnings as well. But after thinking about it... they were only able to cheat because the event planners placed the crowd-viewing monitors in a position that these players could see them. Had the crowd-monitors been properly installed so no team-players could see them, there would've been no instances of cheating. So it wasn't completely the fault of the Korean team. I think taking $30,000 is a good enough smack on the hand, considering.

Avatar image for SouljerDGU

Do asians always cheat at everything?

Avatar image for N0tYrBeezin

@SouljerDGU Only if you are a racist.

Avatar image for ScouseLemon

@N0tYrBeezin How is Soul's question racist? Stereotypical yes, racist no. He asked if Asians always cheated, that doesn't make him a racist ffs. Why do people instantly jump on the race card these days? Something to hide?

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

@Richmaester6907 @ScouseLemon @N0tYrBeezin Making or negative distinctions based solely on race = definition of racism. It's really quite cut and dry. The question postulated such a distinction. That's really all there is to it.

It's not particularly important that SouljerDGU's comment was racist (especially considering the setting and tone), but there's really no arguing the matter, unless you simply don't know what the word means.

Avatar image for Richmaester6907

@ScouseLemon @N0tYrBeezin Because most people are retarded. I am sure some moron will judge my comment as racist against the human race, I'll be over here giving two shits about it.

Avatar image for Romangelo

@SouljerDGU no, it's koreans.

Avatar image for de_graph

Is it just me or is referring to it as "unsportsmanlike conduct" semi-humorous. I understand it's just terminology used to explain a scenario, but playing video games is not a sport... Because if it was... I and many of you are pretty awesome athletes!

Avatar image for chibi-acer

@de_graph Well, you can't call it ungamerlike conduct, because if XBL/PSN is any indication, the gamer thing to do is cheat! LOL :)

Avatar image for de_graph

@chibi-acer So true... so true.

Avatar image for BrianMX34

@de_graph Haha I get what you're trying to say but it's still a competition and I don't there's really any better word to use lolz

Avatar image for Romangelo

@BrianMX34 @de_graph I agree with him. playing games is not a sport. that's why we have a term "sport" and "game" separated from each other.

some people just trying so hard to make gaming competition become a sport, to try to err... make it sound better?

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@Romangelo @BrianMX34 @de_graph Are you seriously serious?... Since when has anyone referred to pro-gaming as a sport? It's ALWAYS been e-sport. Very different.Also sportsmanship doesn't necessarily refer to sports, it could be almost any competitive activity.

Avatar image for XIntoTheBlue

They should lose all their winnings, period. You cheat, you get nothing. This should apply to anything where cheating is possible. What's to stop a group from cheating when they know they'll still get something out of it?

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@XIntoTheBlue once again... the stage setup made it possible, they were basically asking SOMEONE to exploit it.

Avatar image for jazilla

@XIntoTheBlue agreed. i would gladly cheat in this scenario if it meant i was assured victory at 20% less the earnings. they need to fix how they set this up if people can cheat during a championship. i wont be watching this stuff.

Avatar image for de_graph

@XIntoTheBlue Yea, strip them of everything. Boot them out and ban from anything of the like.

Avatar image for ahmed1998

i don't hate LoL or anything , but dota2 is just way better in everyway...

even in Esport events...the international was much better than riot's "world championship" (he can look at the screen in a championship , what's next ? make an fps championship with split-screen and blame the players ?)

Avatar image for ggregd

You cheat in real major league sports like Baseball and you get banned for life. Same should happen here. For the people blaming the setup, character and ethics are important to fair competition. The ease with which one cheats does not mitigate the cheater's culpability.

Avatar image for CommodoreRaslin


There is a difference between cheating as they did here and cheating via doping.

What they did here would be more similar to looking at the opposing team's playbook.

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@CommodoreRaslin @ggregd The only way this would be equivalent to looking at the opposing team's playbook, is if the other team SHOWED them the playbook.The screen setup made it far too easy to cheat, and when cheating is easy, it will be done. As I've said in the past... even the best of us are tempted.

Avatar image for de_graph

@AncientDozer Yup... It's why I rarely play games online (unless with friends).

(Anonymity) + (Internet) x (Access to millions of people) = Recipe for douchebaggery

Avatar image for SolidTy

They cheated? Well, They are lucky they didn't lose all their winnings.

Cheating is wrong, period. A Shame the LOL competition allowed for it so easily.

Avatar image for suplax

LoL has become a joke , second time a cheater in a worldwide competition.

Starcraft II organization is way better.

Avatar image for phatsanta

@suplax DOTA 2 nuff said

Avatar image for BryanParksSuper

People who are MLG or play video games for $$$ are retards.

Avatar image for Hells_rebelion

@BryanParksSuper Why? I don't get your logic... They play games and make more money than you will ever make. I'd call that rather smart lol.

Avatar image for de_graph

@Hells_rebelion Typically people respect someones work/ job by whether or not it contributes to society. A professional gamer contributes nothing, and if it does, barely anything... it's a zero shelf-life "career". Also, that's pretty presumptuous of you to think that they make more money than @BryanParksSuper . For all we know @BryanParksSuper could be a self made millionaire.

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@de_graph @Hells_rebelion @BryanParksSuper It's also ignorant to say that professional gamers don't contribute to society. Virtually anything that generates the transfer or creation of capital investment 'contributes to society'. I suppose you're going to tell me Baseball players don't contribute to society... :/By the way... I've found professional gamers to be pretty intelligent.

Avatar image for de_graph

@Hells_rebelion @BryanParksSuper @Dragolis I agree entertainment is entertainment, but I have a hard time coupling athletes into the same pool as a pro-gamer. But I get your point. :)

@Derpalon Don't get your panties in a bunch because you disagree with me. Welcome to the internet, where no one agrees with anyone and no one cares.

Avatar image for Dragolis

@de_graph @Hells_rebelion @BryanParksSuper Following that logic any kind of sportsman is a "zero shel-life career" art aswell. The thing is, we crave entertainment, which some people get by watching people compete at running, and some people do by watching people play games. This means that they do "contribute" to society, at least they contribute just as much as say a football team, which i doubt most people will dispute is a respected profession.

Avatar image for Derpalon

@de_graph @Hells_rebelion @BryanParksSuper Who are you to judge that this doesn't contribute to society? People are entertained by it. Are you saying any kind of entertainment is a non-contribution to society, or are you just singling this competition out for arbitrary reasons because you personally don't like it?

Avatar image for ilantis

@BryanParksSuper They are, but they still get a lot of money from playing (and winning) at videogames all day long (which may be seen as a good or bad thing actually).

Avatar image for Krinnium

and by 'they shouldnt be punished" i meant that it shouldnt have been allowed to happen in the first place. and, the bad setup may also allow other players to look, but noone will ever know if they dont get caught. shield the screens. problem solved.

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