Riot fines League of Legends cheaters $30,000

Riot Games has found Korean team Azubu Frost guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct; the team will be fined 20 percent of its winnings; fine to be donated to a Riot Games charity in Korea.


Riot Games has come to a decision concerning cheating allegations on day three of the League of Legends World Playoffs, following an extensive investigation.

Riot Games has issued a fine after investigating cheating allegations.
Riot Games has issued a fine after investigating cheating allegations.

Writing on the League of Legends forums, Riot vice president of eSports Dustin Beck outlined that Korean team Azubu Frost (AzF) has been found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, and will be fined $30,000, a figure representing 20 percent of the team's current tournament winnings.

The fine will be donated to Riot Games' charity in Korea.

Three other teams were issued warnings for unsportsmanlike conduct, and one other team was cleared of any misconduct.

During the investigation, Riot found that AzF Woong had violated the rules by looking at the stage screens displaying the opposing team's minimap during game 1 of quarterfinal number 3, and that his actions yielded benefits for his team in the game. According to Riot's investigation, other members of AzF modified their gameplay based upon the information obtained by AzF Woong.

Riot re-examined photos, videos, and renders of the stage layout to better understand sight lines between the players and the maps placed overhead before coming to a final decision.

"We evaluated these cases based on intent, severity and tangible impact to the course of the game," Beck said. "Based on our investigation, the Azubu Frost incident is the only one where we determined there to be tangible impact; we believe other members of AzF modified their gameplay based upon the information gained. We don’t believe, however, that these actions decided the winner of the game.

"We take this stuff seriously. Our rules on sportsmanlike conduct are clearly communicated to competitors, and our decisions here are based on those rules. More importantly, this sort of behavior shouldn't have been possible in the first place, and we recognise that and have taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen in the future."

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Avatar image for Krinnium

I dont think they should have been punished. im not saying it's ok to cheat, but if you can simply look at the enemy team's screen then the setup sucks. period. it would be like not painting sidelines on a football field and calling penalties for going out of bounds. Every player knows they shouldnt look, but the fact that he could means whoever set the match up did a bad job.

Avatar image for XIntoTheBlue

@Krinnium You know, there is such thing as honesty and integrity. Just because they could have looked doesn't mean they should have. I found a man's wallet once containing his ID's, money, credit cards, etc. I could have kept all those things but I was honest enough to bring the wallet back to its owner with everything inside. If you know it's wrong, don't bloody do it or don't be surprised that there might be consequences.

Avatar image for de_graph

@XIntoTheBlue @Krinnium I agree, but let's face it, honesty and integrity are two words unknown to majority of online gamers :P

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@de_graph @XIntoTheBlue @Krinnium I see your comments, and find it rather funny... you speak of gamers as if they are like a different brand of human beings, without realizing that gamers are pretty much just normal everyday people. Are all human beings devoid of honesty and integrity by your estimation? I would think you're completely delusional to think so.

Avatar image for Riddick123

@Krinnium At the same time, maybe the person should have mentioned it to the officials and pointed out the benefits for his team. Be honest and have some honor instead of taking advantage. Either way though.

Avatar image for RAD_RADIO

@Riddick123 @Krinnium Actually someone DID point it out before the match was under way... they simply did nothing about it.

Avatar image for xavvor1

Wow they should get DQ man no justice done none!

Avatar image for Leeric420

Was this in the TSM match? Another classy riot games move, this is why i stopped playing their game.

Avatar image for colt_a

Riot charged them with 'unsportsmanlike conduct' when it was clearly cheating. That way they wouldn't have to DQ the Asian teams and lose that market plain and simple.

In the tourney before, with NO evidence, two teams were DQ'd and lost all prize and circuit points for POSSIBLE collusion on who wins/loses. Someone legitimately cheats? Well, 30,000 dollars out of a million is okay.

Riot is a terrible eSports company and their last two years of Season 1 / 2 championships have been riddled with drama and overall bad calls. If you want to watch MOBA eSports, just watch DotA 2. Valve has integrity.

Avatar image for therealFrek

Notice how a lot of posters are placing the blame on the set-up rather than on the cheating. I find that very interesting. What ever happened to cheating is wrong?

It's the exact same logic being thrown around here that has led to criminals being able to sue the victims because they hurt themselves while trying to break into their house.

Guess we live in an age where it's actually starting to be "wrong" to call a cheater a cheater.

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

we take our games seriously

what fun

Avatar image for bsnimunf

Its a bit like when you played golden eye and you accused your friend of cheating for looking at your side of the split screen.

Avatar image for zilcher

Off with their heads.

Avatar image for samuel27950

I think one reason they didn't do a harsher penalty is because three other teams did the same thing.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Fined the un-rightful winners then 'donated' the money to their own charity...


Avatar image for blackothh

so let me get this straight.....the players were put within sight range of the screen that showed the match? someone should be fired for that stupid decision

Avatar image for bredal187

Wack, should be banned from entering any tournaments!

Avatar image for HailHellfire

they should be banned & stripped of what they won....

Avatar image for wilhelmalexis


Avatar image for gamingfrendly

to the gulag!!!

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

Doesn't taking the fine out of their WINNINGS kinda defeat the point of the whole thing?

Avatar image for J_Dangerously

The reason they haven't been disqualified is because a significant amount of the blame can be placed on Riot itself. Live and learn.

Personally, when it comes to competition, short of directly hacking a game, all's fair imo. If one team had the creativity to use their environment against the other team, kudos to them.

Avatar image for Curzad

They shouldn't have to change the layout. Just like at school, keep your eyes on your own paper.

Avatar image for electro57

They should have been forced to play RE6 as punishment.

Avatar image for ratchet200

I agree that they should have been disqualified but surely Riot could have designed the layout better so that they couldn't look at their oppononets positions.

Avatar image for Dsolow5

if you took it seriously, you wouldn't make such a horribly designed tournament in the first place

and upon discovering a cheating team, you'd disqualify them, not fine them 20% of their winnings

LoL is a joke

Avatar image for tightwad34

Ha ha, this is the next step to MLG becomming on par with the NFL, MLB, and the NBA. Why do you ask? Well, because all the other sports I have mentioned fine their employees for all sorts of things. Maybe the powers that be for MLG can come up with more ways to fine the players so they can compete with the big boys. With that, I comepletely agree with the punishment, just maybe not the amount.

Avatar image for kawaiiflonne

I agree with everyone, they should of been kicked out of the tournament, for the weakest penalty, worst never let them into the Tournament again.

Avatar image for ziminaiman

I love MOBA games, but this kind of weak punishment hurts all MOBA in e-sports. I would hope that if this happened in SC with another player looking at the big monitor that they would be disqualified. They got fined 1/5th of what they won through cheating. That's a horrible precedent to set when RTS players are looking down on us.

Avatar image for SouL-Tak3R

Why don't they put them in a better spot so that can't happen?

Avatar image for iagbas

ban cheaters from tournament lol.

Avatar image for Darnasian

They should've been disqualified imo

Avatar image for KleenexK

They shouldn't make it possible for them to even look at the stage screens... Keep each team in their separate boxes underneath the stage screen. If anyone has seen TI2, you'll know what I mean. As for the korean's, regardless of this one mistake they are a team with talent no doubt.

Avatar image for jaboc7

I approve of this outcome. It's amazing to be watching the Esports scene as it deals with these issues and tries to mature into a legitimate organization. Personally I'm really enjoying all the professional SC2 and LOL that is out there these days.

Avatar image for Alygator

Now we know why koreans win most of the times.

Avatar image for Gxgear


Avatar image for Seifer24

only 20 % if i were you the fine would be 100%

  • 86 results
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