Ring Of Honor's Dalton Castle Has A New Show, Where He Works Out Using His Cats

Get a peek into the life of Dalton Castle on the new Ring of Honor show.


Ring of Honor is currently not holding wrestling shows because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the company is showcasing wrestlers, old matches, and original content. The newest--and most bizarre--original show is called Dalton's Castle.

Following ROH wrestler Dalton Castle, the opening episode features a lot of cats, as Castle is quite the animal lover, something he told GameSpot on an episode of the Wrestle Buddies podcast. Check out the premiere episode of the show below.

It seems like there is some jealousy brewing between Castle and friend Joe Hendry over Hendry's viral videos.

Dalton's Castle is the latest video that lets viewers get an inside look into the lives of ROH wrestlers. So far, we've seen videos featuring PJ Black enjoying extreme sports, Joe Hendry having a beer drinking contest, a video featuring wrestlers' pets, and a video of Danhausen demanding a job at ROH.

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