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Ring Fit Adventure Is On Sale Just In Time For Your New Year's Resolutions

Amazon and Best Buy have the Nintendo Switch workout RPG discounted to a nice price.


One of the most common New Year's resolutions each year is to exercise more. While that typically means an increase in gym memberships, the current pandemic complicates the ability to exercise safely away from home. If you have a Nintendo Switch, though, Ring Fit Adventure is a great substitute for the gym. Right now, Amazon and Best Buy are selling the Switch exclusive for $70, down from $80.

Ring Fit Adventure can be viewed as a spiritual successor to Wii Fit, the massive Nintendo Wii hit. That said, it's a workout disguised as a full-fledged role-playing game. It comes with the eponymous ring that is moved in different ways to traverse the game's world and ultimately face off against an evil dragon named Dragaux. Ring Fit is brilliantly designed and provides a solid full-body workout.

We awarded the workout RPG a 9/10 in our Ring Fit Adventure review. "Ring Fit Adventure builds on the legacy of Wii Fit in important ways, not only pushing the limits of what a workout game can be but also repositioning its message around fitness in a much healthier and constructive way," editor Jenae Sitzes wrote. "Fitness isn't a steady, consistent journey for most people; it's full of tiny improvements and setbacks and obstacles that get in your way, much like one's progress in an RPG. Because of this, Ring Fit Adventure works perfectly both as a concept and in practice. The sheer volume of content along with new abilities, items, and difficulty levels keeps progression interesting through the entire campaign and beyond."

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