Right Brain Game Impressions

Will you do better at this puzzle game if you hold the phone in your left hand? We investigate.


Right Brain Game

So-called "brain games," which are collections of short puzzles that test one's mental acuity under pressure, are quite popular in Japan. There have already been many of these games published for mobile phones, including a recently released bundle from Mitsui Comtek. Tecmo's Right Brain Game is another set of minigames in the same vein, although with a somewhat more diagnostic focus.

Right Brain Game's 12 total activities are divided into two groups of six puzzles each. One set focuses on spatial reasoning and comparison functions that are generally situated in the right hemisphere of your brain. The other set is concerned with logic, rapid comprehension, and interpolation, which are assigned to the left hemisphere. The game mixes all these activities up and feeds them to you one after the other, usually in a memory-based format. For instance, a right-brain activity might involve following a set route through a 3D maze from a first-person viewpoint, then choosing the correct path as seen from overhead. Left-brain activities include a Simon-like memory game, as well as a counting game in which different denominations of coins drop rapidly into four piggy banks, and you must then choose the richest stash. All the while, a weird little animated man tells you what kind of puzzle you're working on, by way of his pulsating frontal lobes.

At the end of this tomfoolery, Right Brain Game will present a diagram that details your cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This game probably won't be for everyone--but for those restless souls who aren't content to let sleeping brains lie, it does fill a certain niche. We're not sure if Right Brain Game will see an American release anytime soon, but we're getting plenty of sleep just in case.

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