Riftrunner and Divinity 2 announced

Larian Studios announces that it's working on a follow-up and a full sequel to Divine Divinity. First screens inside.


Belgium-based Larian Studios has today announced that it's working on both a follow-up and a full sequel to the role-playing game Divine Divinity. Divinity 2 won't be available until sometime in 2004, but a follow-up to the original game titled Riftrunner is scheduled for release toward the end of this year.

Riftrunner has been in development since sometime last year and will use an enhanced version of the original Divinity engine. Larian has actively sought to implement suggestions from the Divine Divinity fan base in Riftrunner, and key features announced to date include a new and unlimited character development system, a random quest generator, 3D character animations, and a new combat system.

"Riftrunner is a continuation of the Divinity universe," said project leader Swen Vincke. "We've had thousands of true fans who loved Divine Divinity, came to our forums and voiced their appreciation, and subsequently have craved for more. Riftrunner has been developed with these fans in mind."

Few details have been released concerning the storyline of Riftrunner at this time, but Larian has stated that it will see players becoming soul-forged with an evil creature known as a death knight. The player's fate will be to spend the rest of eternity bonded to the creature, unless he or she manages to undo the curse at the end of the adventure.

Riftrunner is scheduled for release on the PC later this year, and a Macintosh version of the game will follow. Divinity 2--about which nothing is really known at present--won't be available until late in 2004. We'll bring you more information on both of the games announced today as soon as it becomes available.

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