Rift now free-to-play until level 20

Trion Worlds' MMORPG does away with seven-day trial, now offering new users infinite, level-capped trial called Rift Lite.



Trion Worlds is taking a page straight from Blizzard's playbook, today announcing that its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Rift is now free-to-play until level 20.

Gamers can now explore Telara for free…until level 20.
Gamers can now explore Telara for free…until level 20.

Beginning today, those who sign up to play the fantasy MMORPG can traverse the game's world for as long as they wish but can only reach a maximum level of 20. Previously, a seven-day trial was available to those interested in trying out the game.

The new version of the game is called Rift Lite, and it mirrors World of Warcraft's Starter Edition, which launched last year, and lets gamers venture through Azeroth until level 20.

On top of Rift, Trion Worlds is currently at work on two new titles. These are massively multiplayer real-time strategy game End of Nations, as well as Defiance, a project currently being developed in conjunction with the Syfy channel.

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