RIFT China publisher hires Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade as spokesperson

Chinese publisher Shanda Games said to have spent 8-figure sum for NBA star.



RIFT has a new face promoting the MMORPG in China; Miami Heat point guard Dwayne Wade.

Yep, that's an NBA star promoting an MMO in China.
Yep, that's an NBA star promoting an MMO in China.

Shanda Games' official website has confirmed NBA basketball player Dwyane Wade's new role as Rift spokesperson. Based on the video here, the catchphrase for the promotion is "RIFT: the true American style, just like the NBA".

According to additional information from website MMO Culture, Shanda Games paid an 8-figure sum in US dollars to hire the basketball player. GameSpot is currently reaching out to Shanda Games for clarification on this payment.

On February 9, Shanda Games announced that it had partnered up with Trion Worlds to publish the MMO in China. The game was praised by critics for its rift and invasions game mechanics, flexible class system, and visuals.

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