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Ridiculous PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Bundle Comes With An Actual Car

The car's nice, but the 12 months of PS Plus are clearly the real draw.


It's hard to be surprised anymore at collector's editions, since we've seen everything from a mini-fridge for Call of Duty to a $386,000 version of Dying Light that included an entire bunker. Today, however, Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan announced a Gran Turismo Sport PS4 bundle that still manages to stand out as particularly wild, because it comes with an actual, drivable car.

That's right--the bundle comes with a limited-edition 2018 Mazda MX-5, complete with Gran Turismo and PlayStation logos. And if the car wasn't enough already, the bundle also features a PS4 Pro, a PSVR headset and Move controllers, a Thrustmaster T-GT steering wheel, an Apiga AP1 racing chair, a Bravia 4K HDR TV, 12 months of PS Plus, and, of course, the game.

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Only one of these bundles was put on sale for the absurd price of $46,600, and it was already bought by a car collector. So if you were dreaming about parking a Gran Turismo-branded sports car in your garage, you're unfortunately out of luck.

If you just want the game, though, you don't have to wait too much longer. Gran Turismo Sport launches tomorrow, October 17, for PS4.

(News via NeoGaf)

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