Ridge Racer revs up the PSP

Namco's racing game crosses retail finish line just in time for the US launch of Sony's handheld.


Ridge Racer

Gentlemen, start your PSPs. Namco's racing franchise, Ridge Racer, has sped onto Sony's handheld and is now available in stores. The arcade-style racer is one of several launch titles for the portable, which makes its debut in North America today.

Ridge Racer features full 3D graphics that rival those of its stationary PlayStation 2 brother. By playing through the game's world tour mode, gamers can unlock 54 vehicles, including a Pac-Man-themed ride. The cars can use nitrous boosts and power drifts across the game's 24 courses, and players can challenge up to seven other drivers by using the PSP's wireless capabilities.

Ridge Racer is rated "E" for Everyone and retails for $39.99. Have a peek under the hood of the game with GameSpot's full review.

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