Riders Republic's Races On PS5 Will Be Bigger Than On PS4

PlayStation 5 players will see a total of 50 other people online in Riders Republic, while those playing on PlayStation 4 will see far less.


In the new February 2021 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the number of Riders Republic players people can see in competitive online races on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have been revealed. As expected, the PlayStation 5 supports more, sitting at 50 players total.

Conversely, the PlayStation 4 version of Ubisoft's upcoming extreme sports title can only support a maximum of 20 players in competitive online races. Other notable but expected differences between the two consoles are graphics and frame rate, with Riders Republic targeting 60 fps and 4K on PlayStation 5. Neither specs have been revealed for PlayStation 4.

It's worth noting these player-count limitations are specific to competitive online races, meaning players could see far more people online in the open-world and far less while participating in 6v6 game modes. Additionally, it's unclear if these player-count limitations apply to other console generations and platforms, such as Xbox One versus Xbox Series X|S.

Originally slated to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on February 25, Ubisoft announced earlier this month that Riders Republic has been delayed to "later this year." The studio has not announced a new release date as of yet.

Riders Republic is an extreme action-sports title reminiscent of Steep, Ubisoft's other extreme sports game from 2016. It features a variety of activities for players to participate in, including snowboarding, mountain biking, and wingsuiting. Hit up our Riders Republic preorder guide to find out what bonuses are available and when a new release date has been announced.

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