Riddick game soundtrack available for free

VU Games releases the score to its acclaimed Xbox game in MP3 format; now available on DLX.


Today, fans of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay got a free bonus, courtesy of VU Games. The publisher released the entire soundtrack for the video game as a free download.

Currently available on DLX, the soundtrack runs 46.6 minutes in length, and it features 16 moody tracks by composer Gustaf Grefberg. Four of the tracks are exclusive mixes of several individual game tracks put together. The track listing is:

  1. Beast Within (Action)
  2. Code Red (Action)
  3. Code Red (Sneak)
  4. Critters (Action)
  5. Critters (Sneak)
  6. Pope Joe Theme
  7. Prison Break (Action)
  8. Prison Break (Sneak)
  9. Showdown (Action)
  10. Showdown (Sneak)
  11. The Arrival
  12. Butcher Bay Slam Mix
  13. Desert All Around Mix
  14. Exploration Mix
  15. I Can Escape Anything Mix
  16. End Credits

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Just downloaded this, as with the game its top notch :P

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Very nice!