Rick & Morty Season 5 Finale Will Be An Hour-Long Episode

Season 5 wraps up in September with a longer-than-usual episode.


Adult Swim's popular animated show Rick & Morty will wrap its fifth season with an hour-long season finale, the network has announced.

The episode is slated to air on Sunday, September 5 at 11 PM. A brief teaser shows Rick and Morty in a heated exchange. Morty invites Rick to replace him, and Rick whips out a "wheel of better things than Morty." On this spinning wheel are names like Kyle 2.0, Half a Paul Giamatti, Gene With Donkey Brains, Bag of Meat, and Sentient Sh*t. The wheel lands on Two Crows, and Rick fires Morty.

The voiceover in the trailer then says viewers can tune in to find out, "Who is Rick without Morty?" Seemingly the episode will see Rick take on a new companion, Two Crows, but whether or not it sticks remains to be seen.

Even after Season 5 wraps up, there is plenty more Ricky and Morty coming down the line. In 2018, Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes of the series, and co-creator Dan Harmon stated earlier this year that the writing team was already working on Season 7.

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