Rick And Morty Characters Added For Free To PC Party Game Move Or Die

Move or Die is discounted right now as part of the Steam sale.


Alongside word of an upcoming crossover with Rocket League, Rick and Morty-themed content is also headed to another game. A new update for party game Move or Die has introduced a handful of characters from the show for free.

The Rick and Morty Kickass Cameos pack adds a total of five new playable characters: the titular Rick and Morty, as well as Bird Person, Mr. Meeseeks, and Krombopulos. These are all available in-game now courtesy of a free update released through Steam today. The video above offers a quick look at each of them.

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More content is still on the way to Move or Die; a post on its Steam page notes this is a "short and sweet effort that does not replace the content update we're preparing for the game." There's no date for when the forthcoming update will be released.

Move or Die is a fast-paced, competitive action game where you try to take out your opponents. Rounds last just 20-second, with the rules changing each time. As the name suggests, you're forced to constantly move, as standing still drains your health. It's normally priced at $15 but can be had for just $6 as part of the ongoing Steam sale, while a four-pack goes for $16.

As noted above, Rick and Morty content will also soon be available in Rocket League. These crossovers come just ahead of the debut of Season 3 of the TV show, which premieres later this summer.

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