Rick & Morty Are Coming To All Elite Wrestling For A Live Show

Those attending the event will get Rick & Morty masks.


All Elite Wrestling, better known as AEW, is known for signing some of the best wrestlers the world has to offer. Now, the company is working with the animated duo known as Rick & Morty.

That's right, Rick & Morty, the characters from the Adult Swim cartoon, will somehow be involved with the October 30 episode of AEW Dynamite. The show will air live on TNT, taking place at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center. The news was revealed in a tweet from AEW.

To what extent Rick & Morty will be involved is a complete mystery, but AEW's Cody Rhodes revealed that everyone attending the show will receive Rick & Morty masks. Wrestling and cross-promotion makes strange bedfellows. Who can forget when Robocop teamed up with Sting in WCW or when Chucky showed up to challenge Rick Steiner, while promoting a movie. Or how about WCW's movie, Ready to Rumble, when David Arquette won the World Heavyweight Championship? Or even every celebrity WWE has brought on to its show?

Rick & Morty is a Warner Bros. property, and AEW has already worked with others under the WarnerMedia--the promotion's parent company--including DC Comics. And more than likely, we'll see more teamups like this in the future to promote the AEW name.

This is nothing new, and it should be fun, but the question remains, "how is this going to work?" It's been a while since we've seen the animated duo on the small screen. Season 4 of the series will debut on Adult Swim on November 10, and some of the episode titles have already been revealed.

Before the new season hits Adult Swim, you can check out Rick & Morty on the October 30 episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

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