Ribbit King E3 2004 Preshow First Look

What do you get when you cross frogs and golf? Bandai's upcoming "frolf" game will provide the answer.


Ribbit King

Though odds are you've never given much thought to the concept of using frogs as substitutes for golf balls, that hasn't stopped Bandai from announcing Ribbit King for the GameCube and PlayStation 2. Ribbit King puts you in the role of Scooter, a wide-eyed youngster whose planet is running low on power supplies, and the only way to save his world is to win the "Super Ribbinite." To do so, Scooter must master the sport of "frolf."

Frolf, for lack of a better description, is just like golf; only you hit frogs instead of golf balls. You'll also be using a malletlike device rather than a traditional golf club for your frog-whacking needs. You will compete on 20 different courses set in 5 different worlds, and you will encounter a vast array of colorful and wacky characters along your trek to become the ultimate champion frolf player. Ribbit King will also feature a number of unlockable, playable characters as well as numerous items and obstacles for you to discover. Outside of the game's story mode, you'll also be able to play versus mode with up to four players.

Ribbit King is set to hit stores next month. We will bring you more coverage on the game from E3 2004.

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