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Rhythm Heaven Creator Wants To See The Series On Switch

The best Nintendo rhythm game out there.


The Nintendo Switch has brought myriad older game series to the current generation. Tsunku, the creator of Rhythm Heaven, is hoping his game will be added to the list.

Known as Rhythm Paradise in Europe and Rhythm World in Korea, the Rhythm Heaven series originally began on the Gameboy Advance and continued through to the Nintendo DS. The single-player party game has a small cult following, like many other Nintendo developed titles in the past.

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Players must beat a randomized set of the fifty rhythm minigames that make up the game. To beat a level, the player must achieve at least a ‘Just OK’ or ‘OK’ rank, or replay the level until they do so.

Each level has its own rules and required using a stylus to tap on the touch screen in time to the music. For the series to move onto the Switch, some system and gameplay changes will need to be made.

Tsunku has called out to fans to “Raise your voice together” in support of the series being picked up by Nintendo for a re-release or new title. Ultimately, the choice is up to Nintendo.

Recently, Nintendo announced Disco Elysium will be ported for a Switch release, after the huge success the series had on PC. Here at GameSpot, we gave the game a 10/10. Hopefully Rhythm Heaven is next on the list to be ported.

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