RFM, A Grid-Based Strategy Game, Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

The game is a roguelite as well, featuring randomized elements during individual runs.


During our Play For All livestream, we debuted a new trailer for RFM, an upcoming grid-based strategy action game. The game has a few roguelite elements as well.

As seen in the trailer, RFM is a colorful game with a cel-shaded art style and retro-futurist atmosphere. The soundtrack is pretty bangin' too.

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In RFM, you play as Morgan, a mercenary traveling through The Bast in search of a loved one. If you happen to make a little money along the way, all the better. On your journey, you'll encounter a unique cast of characters, who you can befriend.

In combat, RFM uses a tactical battle system that features real-time action and time-freezing strategy elements. As a roguelite, each run into The Bast will have an element of randomness, and you'll have to decide what upgrades to work towards every time. For example, do you want to work towards improving your health or find a cool attachment for your revolver that adds an explosive AOE attack to your arsenal? The choice is yours.

RFM is scheduled to launch for consoles (to be announced) and PC in 2022.

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