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Rework Your Builds: Warmind Cells, Some Destiny 2 Armor Mods Are Changing Next Season

Bungie is making Warmind Cells less powerful and adjusting how some armor mods, like ammo scavengers, will work in Season 15.


It's not just several pieces of Exotic armor that are changing in Destiny 2 when its new season starts on August 24. A host of armor mods are also getting adjustments, which will likely further change a lot of character builds for players as they adjust to the new Destiny 2 metagame. Warmind Cells in particular are getting toned down, and mods for tracking down particular kinds of ammo are getting reworks as well.

Bungie laid out a few of the changes we can expect in its This Week At Bungie blog post. The biggest alteration is the nerfing of Warmind Cells, which are essentially bombs you can generate by killing enemies in the game, provided you have the right mods equipped to your armor and use weapons from the "Seventh Seraph" group. Various Warmind mods change how you can interact with the cells on the battlefield--some make cells explode in huge blasts, while others heal you when cells blow up. With the right mods, enemies are debuffed when they're near cells, and you can buffs when you get close to them.

With a smart combination of mods and weapons, Warmind Cells can be extremely powerful, but Bungie wrote in its TWAB post that at this point, the cells are too powerful for the PvE game. When they were first introduced in the Season of the Worthy, that was kind of the point, and Bungie really only expected to keep Warmind Cells around for about a year. Since they've persisted in the game, they've unbalanced it to some degree, so Bungie's ratcheting down how powerful they can be. That's being done with adjustments to several Warmind armor mods:

  • Base Warmind Cells
    • Reduced radius of the explosion/effect range of Warmind Cells (10 → 6 meters).
    • Reduced damage of the explosion of Warmind Cells (previously 200-400 → now 50-250).
  • Global Reach
    • Increase the mod cost of Global Reach to 3.
    • Reduce the amount of radius increase (20 → 10 meters).
  • Cellular Suppression
    • Reduce the duration of the suppressing effect when using Cellular Suppression (3 seconds → 2 seconds).
  • Wrath of Rasputin
    • Reduce bonus Solar damage (previously 100-200 → now 25-100).
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Warmind Cells are still part of the game, though, and they should still be useful, but they won't be such a huge gain for tough PvE activities. The cells and the mods will still exist in Season 15, so keeping your Warmind Cell builds is still probably a good idea.

Bungie is also changing Ammo Finder and Scavenger mods, which make it easier to get particular types of ammo for certain guns. With Ammo Finder mods, expect more ammo to spawn when using your primary weapons, and especially when using Exotic primaries. On the other hand, Scavenger mods will no longer stack, so you won't be able to equip a bunch of Special Ammo Scavenger mods and hope to keep yourself inundated in sniper bullets, for instance.

Apart from those changes, Bungie is adding a new slate of "Holster" mods that are specific to different kinds of weapons. Holsters slowly refill the ammo of their particular type of gun while you have it stowed--so if you equip a Hand Cannon Holster mod and have a hand cannon as your secondary weapon, whenever you're not using it, the mod will slowly refill its magazine. The more holster mods of a single type you equip, the faster the ammo regeneration will be. Bungie ran down what types of Holster mods its adding to the game, as well as a few caveats about what guns will work with them and what guns won't.

  • The following weapon types will have Holster mods: Auto Rifle, Fusion Rifle, Grenade Launcher (Power), Hand Cannon, Linear Fusion Rifle, Machine Gun, Pulse Rifle, Scout Rifle, Shotgun, Sidearm, Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle, and Trace Rifle.
    • Hand Cannon excludes Eriana’s Vow.
    • Rocket Launchers, Breech-loaded Grenade Launchers, and Bows will not have Holster mods, as we didn’t want to affect any weapon that has a magazine size of 1.

Finally, Bungie is making some adjustments to Elemental Well mods, which were added to the game in the Season of the Chosen. Elemental Wells are a bit like Warmind Cells, dropping off enemies when you have certain mods equipped, and giving you and your teammates various buffs when you pick them up. Bungie is buffing two Elemental Well mods to make choosing to generate wells more useful:

  • Elemental Armaments now has an increased chance to spawn an elemental well based on the tier of the enemy defeated.
  • Font of Might's base duration has been increased to 10 seconds and increased the damage bonus provided from 10% to 25%.

Season 15 kicks off on August 24, along with a big showcase in which Bungie says it'll reveal details about the future of the game, including its next expansion, The Witch Queen--so it's likely we'll hear a lot more about mod changes (and a host of other adjustments to the game) later this month.

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