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Revolution controller not done

Shigeru Miyamoto reveals that the next-generation console's mysterious controller hasn't had its functionality finalized.


TOKYO--At the Electronic Entertainment Expo last month, Nintendo took the wraps off its next-generation console, the Revolution. However, nowhere to be seen was the device's controller, which is rumored to contain everything from gyroscopic controllers to DS-esque touch screens. Much of the press present at the E3 presentation concluded that Nintendo didn't showcase the Revolution controller because it didn't want to tip its next-gen hand to rivals Sony and Microsoft.

Apparently, though, there was another reason why the controller couldn't be shown--it's not done yet.

Today, during a business strategy conference in Japan, senior director and general manager of Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development (EAD) Shigeru Miyamoto disclosed that the Revolution's controller not only hasn't reached its final form factor, but is still very much in flux.

"We're at a stage where we're adding and removing various kinds of functions, which has been very fun," he said. Miyamoto went on to say that Nintendo's main cause for removing functions is concern that the controller could become too complex, making gameplay overly difficult.

Unsurprisingly, the Donkey Kong creator didn't go into much more detail. "The Revolution will have an interesting interface. We're investing a lot of money into the [development of the] interface, and it's still not finalized," said Miyamoto.

Despite Miyamoto's comments, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reiterated his confidence in the next-gen console. "We expect that you will be surprised with the Revolution's controller," he said, smiling.

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