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Review Roundup For Uncharted Movie--Here's What The Critics Think

Reviews for Sony's big action movie based on Naughty Dog's video game have begun to appear online.


After years of development and a revolving door of different directors and actors, the Uncharted film is finally releasing in US theaters on February 18. Ahead of that, reviews for the action film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg have begun to come online, showing what critics think.

As mentioned, it's been a long time coming for the Uncharted movie. In fact, it's been in development for so long that Wahlberg, who plays Sully, was originally lined up to portray Nathan Drake before the delays.

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Here at GameSpot, our Uncharted review scored the movie a 7/10. Reviewer Phil Hornshaw said, "Uncharted is a lot of fun a lot of the time. It might not do much that the games haven't already, but fans will enjoy a new Uncharted tale that at least brings its own flashy, death-defying treasure hunt into the fold."

The movie's story doesn't follow that of any of the games. Instead, it tells an origin story of sorts for Drake that shows how he went from a bartender to a globe-trotting archaeologist-adventurer. It does borrow elements from the games, of course, including an adaptation of Uncharted 3's famous cargo plane scene, among other elements.

Uncharted opens in the US on February 18
Uncharted opens in the US on February 18

In addition to Holland and Wahlberg, the film stars Antonio Banderas as the villain Moncada and Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer. The film was written by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, and was directed by Zombieland and Venom director Ruben Fleischer. The director has already teased that a movie version of Jak & Daxter could be his next film.

Uncharted actually already opened in more than a dozen international markets, making $21 million before its debut in the US.

You can see a sampling of review scores and excerpts below, and more critical consensus here at GameSpot sister site Metacritic.


  • Directed by: Ruben Fleischer
  • Written by: Art Marcum, Matt Holloway
  • Starring: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, Tati Gabrielle, Sophia Ali
  • Release Date: February 18 (in theaters only)

GameSpot -- 7/10

"Uncharted is a lot of fun a lot of the time. It might not do much that the games haven't already, but fans will enjoy a new Uncharted tale that at least brings its own flashy, death-defying treasure hunt into the fold. For audiences who aren't acclimated to the franchise, Uncharted serves as a good entry point that at least has some excellent moments, even if the characters don't pop here quite as much as they do on your PlayStation. Uncharted is what you'd expect an Uncharted movie to be, for all the baggage that entails, but you'll have fun on the journey even if it doesn't hit as hard as some of Nate Drake's other adventures." -- Phil Hornshaw [Full review]

The Guardian -- 2/5

"The lovable rogues bop around from glamorous location to glamorous location and the whole thing runs smoothly enough, with some spectacular touches. Holland gives it his all, but the rest of the cast look a little less committed. An efficient, soulless hologram of a film." -- Peter Bradshaw [Full review]

IGN -- 7/10

"Uncharted is a safe but serviceable sampling of a new globe-spanning adventure. As a young Nathan Drake, Tom Holland is fun to watch and has good chemistry with Mark Wahlberg's Victor Sullivan, even if their antagonists are pretty forgettable and the story never thinks outside the treasure chest box. This should be effective in introducing the world of Uncharted to people who are meeting Nate and friends for the first time, although the changes it makes can be inexplicable and jarring to those of us who’ve spent many games with these characters." -- Jeffrey Vega [Full review]

NME -- 2/5

"There are spectacular scenes showing two old-timey pirate ships being towed through mid-air by helicopters--a visual so outlandish it almost belongs in a boat-based Fast and Furiousspin-off. It's surely not much of a spoiler to say these flying pirate ships form part of Uncharted's enjoyably daft climax, which almost justifies its existence as a passable popcorn flick. But sadly, the journey to get there is filled with a lot of plodding nonsense." -- Nick Levine [Full review]

Empire -- 2/5

"There are moments when it jolts into life: a well-executed, lengthy single shot tracking Drake as he freefalls from an aircraft; some Goonies-esque underground map-syncing. But only the final 20 minutes, with a pirate-ship battle that takes to the skies, lives up to the giddy, inventive spectacle of the source material. Otherwise, Unchartedplods around an all-too-familiar map." -- Nick De Semlyen [Full review]

Time Out -- 3/5

"There still hasn't been a truly great film based directly on a video game, and the characterisations here are more likely to annoy than delight the hardcore fans, but the jetsetting and sunshine here is a welcome break from more serious action movies, and Holland will just about hold the interest." -- Helen O'Hara [Full review]

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