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Review Roundup For Street Fighter 6

The Ryu-views are looking great.


The day that Street Fighter 6 reviews went live was the most important day for fans of the long-running series, although for others, it was simply Tuesday. The good news is that if you've been eagerly waiting for Capcom to deliver a new Street Fighter game that feels fully fleshed out and ready to rumble from day one, then Street Fighter 6 won't disappoint.

Critical reception to the game is positive across the board, with many outlets praising Street Fighter 6's more accessible gameplay, polished fundamentals that veterans will pick up on, and its fresh visual style that never drops a frame.

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"Street Fighter 6 learns an immediate lesson from the content-bare release of its predecessor, as it offers a variety of significant features and modes right out of the gate," Jason Fanelli wrote in GameSpot's Street Fighter 6 review. "It is a robust, fighting game that is of a premiere quality. Street Fighter 6 is incredible; a return to form for the franchise that welcomes both new fighters and seasoned pros."

Currently, the game has an aggregate score of 92 from 59 reviews on GameSpot's sister site Metacritic, and the overall impression is that Street Fighter 6 is launching with plenty of momentum behind it when compared to the feature-thin arrival of Street Fighter V back in 2017.

For more impressions ahead of Street Fghter 6's launch on June 2, you can read through a list of reviews below from other outlets.

  • Game: Street Fighter 6
  • Platform: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date: June 2
  • Price: $6

GameSpot - 9/10

"I can't get enough of Street Fighter 6. It's been my last thought when I go to bed and my first thought when I wake up. It has a beautifully constructed fighting system, but also offers modes that take the game very seriously and, in other cases, not seriously at all. There are some small issues with performance in World Tour, but none of those are enough to derail the overall package. With the releases of new Tekken and Mortal Kombat games, it very much feels like we're in a new golden era for the fighting game genre. Thankfully, Street Fighter 6 steps into the arena looking good and fighting fit." -- Jason Fanelli [Full review]

GamesRadar - 5/5

"Street Fighter 6 offers the most flexible, versatile, and expressive combat seen in the series to date. With its fantastic suite of game modes and diverse character roster, Street Fighter 6 has something to offer every type of fighting game fan. -- Andi Hamilton [Full review]

Inverse - 10/10

"Capcom's latest takes everything you’d expect from the father of the fighting genre and turns it up to 10. There's something for everyone here, with no fat or filler to ruin the experience. Street Fighter 6 is the best fighting game in a long time, and in the years to come, its impact and legacy could be every bit as massive as Street Fighter 2." -- De'Angelo Epps [Full review]

VGC - 5/5

"With the three titans of the fighting game space all releasing mainline entries this year, competition is going to be stiff, but Capcom is putting its best foot forward. The publisher's incredible run continues with one of the most feature-rich, stylish, and enjoyable entries in franchise history." -- Jordan Middler [Full review]

Destructoid - 9.5/10

"While not all of the design decisions and ambitious new modes hit their mark, Capcom's commitment to producing a polished and superlative fighter is readily apparent throughout this stellar release. A compelling roster, exciting visuals, crisp performance, and thrilling mechanics ensure that this prestige sequel is set to champion local, online, and competitive scenes for years to come." -- Chris Moyse [Full review]

IGN - 9/10

"Street Fighter 6 is the most feature-rich a Street Fighter has ever been at launch, but even beyond that, it's roster of 18 characters is excellent, the new mechanics revitalize the one-on-one fighting formula, and it absolutely nails all of the little things that make for a stellar fighting game." -- Mitchell Saltzman [Full review]

Eurogamer - 4/5

"This is a Street Fighter with more than a modern control scheme - it is a modern take on the genre. It is welcoming, accessible and progressive. It is social, silly and spectacular. And it is very special indeed." -- Wesley Yin-Poole [Full review]


"Street Fighter 6 is the biggest and most approachable package in the franchise to date, waiting for you with open, gentle arms." -- Axel Bosso [Full review]

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