Review Roundup For PSVR 2

According to critics, Sony's new VR hardware is technically impressive, but its lack of killer apps makes it a hard sell.


PlayStation VR 2 officially arrives in a few days, and ahead of the official rollout, reviews have gone live for Sony's new headset. A successor to the original PSVR, PSVR 2 combines a huge leap forward in technology while taking a few cues from the PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controller.

So far, critics have been impressed by the elegant design of the headset and the powerful hardware inside of it. While PSVR 2 has some incredible tech to marvel at, there are a few caveats as well, as reviewers have noted, Horizon Call of the Mountain is doing most of the heavy lifting on the software side of the equation, while every other game rolling out to PSVR 2 over the next month consists of titles that are currently available on other VR platforms.

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"The PSVR 2 is undoubtedly a major step forward for PlayStation's virtual reality ambitions and one of the best headsets on the market, but in the ever-shifting landscape of virtual reality, its price and current value proposition leave it in an awkward position once again," Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot's PlayStation VR 2 review.

For more critical analysis from other sources, you can read the reviews below. PSVR 2 officially launches on February 22 and will cost $550.

  • PSVR 2
  • Platform: PS5
  • Developer: Sony
  • Release Date: February 22
  • Price: $550


"I hope that Sony and its partners start thinking outside of the box a bit more when it comes to games, and commit to supporting the platform long-term in a meaningful way--the excellent hardware deserves as much. If they do, the future of PSVR 2 will be exciting, but for now, that excitement is built on the same thing VR has always enticed hopefuls with: potential." -- Tamoor Hussain [Full review]

IGN - 9/10

"With top-notch visual quality and immersively tactile Sense controllers, PlayStation VR2 represents a quantum leap over its predecessor, setting a new standard for console VR gaming." -- Gabriel Moss [Full review]

VGC - 4/5

"PSVR 2 is an amazing headset, but whether it's worth it to the average PS5 user is yet to be seen, as despite the amazing technology, the software so far isn't enough to convince most to run out and buy one." -- Jordan Middler [Full review]

Game Informer

"PlayStation VR2 is the next logical step for the sub-platform. It works with Sony's latest hardware, it improves on basically every aspect of PlayStation VR, but it's not quite the virtual reality revolution I feel like we've been waiting for since the advent of the medium." -- Kyle Hilliard [Full review]


"I do know right now that the PSVR 2 is my favorite dedicated VR gaming hardware, even with its tethered cable. I still think the Quest 2 offers more value and freedom of movement for its price, but the PSVR 2 shows glimpses of how good the future could be. Playing games on the PSVR 2 doesn't just feel like VR--it often feels like a PS5 game has leapt out and surrounded me." -- Scott Stein [Full review]

The Verge

"What if the same, but better?” Sony has been successfully asking that question over and over in recent years, with remake after remake, remaster after remaster, of the most beloved games on PlayStation. Now, it’s rebooted its entire virtual reality platform, bringing some of the same games back at four times the resolution, with competitive controllers, roomscale tracking, and new features that developers will hopefully embrace like eye tracking and finger detection, advanced haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers." -- Sean Hollister, Adi Robertson, and Tom Warren [Full review]

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