Review Roundup For Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The boys Arbok in town.


Reviews for Pokemon Legends: Arceus have gone live, and across multiple outlets, the general consensus is that Game Freak's latest title is a refreshing twist on the classic catch 'em all formula. While it may not be the best Pokemon game--like no other game before--Pokemon Legends: Arceus overcomes some admittedly clumsy first steps to pave the way for the future of the series with some clever gameplay ideas.

Critics have touched on how the mechanics for catching Pokemon are more engaging than ever, the world feels lively, and the battle system overhaul makes combat more exciting. Some of the criticism for the game has focused on its technical limitations, as Game Freak's sandbox appears to be pushing the Switch's hardware to its very limits.

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"Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a significant reimagining of what makes a Pokemon game, with an exciting level of flexibility that's only slightly hampered by a slow early-game grind," Steve Watts wrote in his Pokemon Legends: Arceus review.

  • Game: Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Release Date: January 28
  • Price: $60

For more, head to GameSpot sister site Metacritic to get a deeper look at the critical consensus for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

GameSpot -- 80/100

"Some of the new ideas in Arceus have rough edges, and it's slow to start before you get access to many environments and mounts. This is an awkward first step, and it was a big adjustment for me, a longtime fan of the series, to make. Once Pokemon Legends: Arceus finds its stride, though, it's the most daring and inventive the series has been in years, breaking apart the staid core and creating something new and exciting from its pieces." -- Steve Watts [Full review]

VGC -- 100/100

"Pokemon Legends is the breath of fresh air the series has needed for so long. It may not have been apparent from the trailers, but this is one of the most entertaining, engaging and engrossing games in the entire history of the Pokemon series, and is highly recommended to both long-time fans and complete newcomers." -- Chris Scullion [Full review]

TheSixthAxis -- 90/100

"Pokemon Legends Arceus is a must-play game for fans of the franchise. Not only is it the very best Pokemon game yet, but it elegantly takes the formula and flips it on its head, creating a unique new challenge that fans will love. With the nods to the anime and Pokemon games abound, Arceus feels very much like a love letter from Game Freak." -- Nic Bunce [Full review]

NintendoLife -- 90/100

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus feels like the result of Game Freak learning lessons for 25 years, refining the formula, and finally taking the franchise in a new, incredible, exciting direction. With its emphasis on extremely rewarding exploration, addictive catching mechanics, a fine roster of Pokemon and a genuine sense of scale that's unlike anything in the series, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is quite simply one of the greatest Pokemon games ever made." -- Jordan Middler [Full review]

Inverse -- 80/100

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus may only dabble in mechanics and formulas nearly every other role-playing game has mastered, but Game Freak succeeds here far more than it stumbles. Combined with a unique ingredient--the most successful franchise of all time, beloved by hundreds of millions--the developer proves Pokémon works as a modern RPG and that future installments could potentially outmatch other games in the genre." -- Tom Caswell [Full review]

Shacknews -- 80/100

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a departure from the prototypical Pokemon formula, abandoning or reinventing old features in order to offer something new and unique. While it leaves a bit to be desired from a technical standpoint, there's just so much to enjoy. A clever overhaul to the battle system, improvements to exploration, and a story that dives deep into franchise lore makes Pokemon Legends: Arceus an experience that will appeal to longtime fans, as well as those who may have grown tired of the series' reliance on the status quo." -- Donovan Erskine [Full review]

VG247 -- 80/100

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus threads the needle and somehow finds a brilliant balance between old and new, between tradition and upheaval. It's the 3D Pokemon adventure that I imagined back in the 90s that never came. It's fresh. It feels new, exciting, and like a powerful new beginning for the series. Technical shortcomings and minor frustrations can't take away what this game achieves elsewhere; it's the best main-series Pokemon game in a long, long time." -- Alex Donaldson [Full review]

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