Review Roundup For Lost Judgment

Here's what critics have to say about Sega's latest urban suspense action game, Lost Judgment.


After releasing Yakuza: Like a Dragon last year, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios is back with another trip to Yokohama in the form of Lost Judgment. A sequel to 2018's Judgment, the legal suspense game stars detective Takayuki Yagami once again as he finds himself caught up in the middle of a murder mystery.

Ahead of its release on September 24, reviews have gone live for the game from several outlets, with most writers praising Lost Judgment's lengthy story, gameplay improvements, and brutally effective combat.

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While the sequel is an improvement when compared to the original, it has been noted that it doesn't venture far enough into the elements that make it stand apart from the regular Yakuza series of games.

"It's hard not to feel disappointed that you still feel like a passenger when it breaks away from the Yakuza mould," critic Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot's Lost Judgment review. "If this is indeed our last time with Yagami and co., then it's one to cherish. There will just always be a nagging feeling that this was a missed opportunity to do something truly special."

We've compiled some more reviews from around the industry below, and for an even more detailed look, check out GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: Lost Judgment
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios
  • Release Date: September 24
  • Price: $60

GameSpot - 7/10

"Lost Judgment improves on its predecessor by cutting down on some of the more tedious elements of its design rather than outright changing the mechanics to make the investigative side of the equation more engaging. In this sense, it's disappointing that it doesn't lean into what makes Judgment unique compared to the Yakuza series and instead remains at its best when sticking close to those origins." -- Richard Wakeling [Full review]

RPG Site - 9/10

"If you're looking for 2021's most-improved sequel, Lost Judgment might be it. It offers many new and cool things to do while striking a fine balance between a goofy Yakuza spin-off and a spectacular crime drama that tackles difficult themes not seen often enough in games." -- Josh Torres [Full review]

SiliconEra - 9/10

"Lost Judgment once again puts players in the sneakers of lawyer turned street-fighting detective Takayuki Yagami. Joined by his partner, ex-yazuka Masaharu Kaito, the crime-fighting duo is called on to investigate a seemingly perfect crime whose lead suspect has an airtight alibi. PlayStation 5 version reviewed." -- Graham Russell [Full review]

VGC - 4/5

"Lively combat and engrossing social clubs keep you busy, but it's the much-improved detective story that elevates Lost Judgment above the original." -- Matthew Castle [Full review]

Destructoid - 8/10

"Judgment may have been an acquired taste in many ways, but the sequel makes some of the bitterness go down easier. Given that you can basically dive in here and feel sufficiently caught up with a new case as the focus, it's for the best. I really hope we haven't seen the last of this subseries, because the creators seem to really care about it." -- Chris Carter [Full review]

Game Informer - 73/100

"When Lost Judgment stumbles, it never recovers. While there's a lot to love in the story and gameplay, at the end of the day, its issues become too much to ignore – especially when those issues are messy and irresponsible." -- Blake Hester [

Shacknews - 7/10

"Sega is clearly capable of making a compelling mystery game that could stand in league with the work we see out of studios like Naughty Dog, but that will require a more focused, better-paced approach that Lost Judgement seems eager to avoid." -- Chris Jarrard [Full review]

For more on Lost Judgment, you can check out the gameplay trailer that shows off the many mini-games you can try out and the opening cinematic that turns the dramatic brooding up to 11. If you're wondering if you should grab a version for PS4 or Xbox One, the good news is that the game comes with a free PS5/Xbox Series X|S upgrade option.

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