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Review Roundup For Immortals Of Aveum

Can Ascendant Studios add a little magic to the FPS genre? Maybe... but maybe not.


Revealed as recently as April of this year, the magic based first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum is out now, and the reviews are in.

Unfortunately for Ascendant Studios, its debut title is looking to be somewhat of a mixed bag in reviews released for the game so far. On the higher end of the scale, reviewers seem to be finding the fast-paced, spell-oriented shooting one of its strong suits, though critics don't seem to be united on that front as some found it to be quite repetitive. Opinions on the game's story are mixed too, with a number of reviews finding it to be overall forgettable.

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"Immortals of Aveum stops just short of fully complementing its traditional military shooter story with an engaging environmentalist message, instead opting to primarily use those narrative themes to inform the world design and lore," wrote Jordan Ramée in GameSpot's Immortals of Aveum review. "It leaves the overall story feeling half-baked, further highlighting the uncharacteristic actions of its unlikable protagonist."

Over on our sister site Metacritic, the EA published game is currently sitting at a 69 for PS5, though for Xbox Series X|S it's at 83, and reviews are trending lower for PC too.

You can check out more critic reviews below:

  • Game: Immortals of Aveum
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5
  • Developer: Ascendant Studios
  • Director: Bret Robbins
  • Release Date: August 22
  • Price: $70

GameSpot -- 5/10

"Unfortunately, the environmental element of Immortals has both poor gameplay and narrative payoffs. To cleanse the world, you just do more shooting and killing--Jak can rip away more magic from the world to fuel his spells to then battle against the deadly sentient miasma that's consuming the world, knowing that this miasma is created whenever magic is being taken from the world. It's a tantalizingly complex dilemma that Immortals just refuses to delve into after setting it up." -- Jordan Ramée [Full review]

VGC -- 4/5

"We’re really keen to play Immortals of Aveum 2. There’s plenty in this first attempt to like, and we think the gameplay is rock solid, but with a second go at some of the slightly stagnant mission design, and tiresome dialogue, EA could have something really strong." -- Jordan Middler [Full review]

IGN -- 8/10

"Immortals of Aveum is an impressively confident first-person shooter that successfully trades muzzles and magazines for mages and magic. Its fast-paced, spellcasting combat is both satisfying to master and spectacular to look at, and it features a lengthy and hearty campaign packed with secrets to keep us going well after the story has wrapped." -- Luke Reilly [Full review]

Game Informer -- 8/10

"Delivering something different and unique in a genre clogged with games set in real-world wars and battles, or at least meant to emulate them, is a commendable effort and pays off here for Ascendant. Immortals of Aveum is a great first outing, mixing the fantasy genre’s vibes, storytelling, and world exploration with the gunplay of a modern shooter." -- Wesley Leblanc [Full review]

Eurogamer -- 2/5

"As much as it's tempting to see Immortals of Aveum as just a game out of time - and as hard as it is to think of an era where I could ever say it would be worth yours - there's something salvageable here. Buried deep down beneath layer upon layer of +17 Armor bracelets and one-liner cheese is an honest attempt to do something new-ish. It's just not a particularly successful one." -- Chris Tapsell [Full review]

VG247 -- 3/5

"If you buy Immortals of Aveum, know that there is a good time here waiting for you. However, I deem it likely that it'll be on sale rather soon. If you're starving for some magic in your FPS pick it up, but even with some mystical flair and an admirable attempt at bringing mystic arts to a very gun-heavy genre, Immortals of Aveum ultimately fails to reach the heights of your Bulletstorms or Wolfenstiens." -- Connor Makar [Full review]

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