Review Roundup For Dead Space Remake

It's necromorphin' time.


The first Dead Space game helped give the horror genre a shot in the arm when it first arrived all the way back in 2008, and 15 years later, EA's survival-horror series is making a comeback. Reviews have gone live for the Dead Space remake, and the general consensus is that this return to the USG Ishimura is a faithful recreation of the unique terror that was found in the original game.

Building on the foundation of the original game, EA Motive's remake doesn't stray far from the source material and enhances it with clever quality-of-life upgrades, better visuals, and smoother gameplay, according to reviews.

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"Remaking Dead Space in 2023 may not feel especially necessary, but EA Motive has crafted a game that manages to improve upon its excellent progenitor in a variety of ways--even if only marginally so," Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot's Dead Space Remake review.

For more critical analysis, you can read on to see what other critics have to say about Dead Space Remake. On GameSpot's sister site Metacritic, the game currently has an average score of 89 from 35 reviews.

  • Game: Dead Space
  • Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S
  • Developer: EA Motive
  • Release Date: January 27
  • Price: $70

GameSpot - 9/10

"It's impossible to expect the Dead Space remake to be as transformative as something like the Resident Evil 2 remake was. The generational leap isn't as grand and so much about it feels inherently familiar to the 2008 original, such is the way EA Motive has weaved its changes into the Dead Space mold. The new side quests might leave a lot to be desired, but every other addition contributes to a remake that stays true to its progenitor while also improving upon it in a number of ways. Newcomers and hardcore Dead Space fans will get the most out of the experience, but this is now the quintessential way to play one of the survival horror genre's best." -- Richard Wakeling [Full review]

Inverse - 10/10

"The improvements on offer here are substantial, but no remake could succeed to this extent without a rock-solid foundation. When it comes to the overall layout of the Ishimura, the story, art direction, and gameplay design, Motive doesn’t stray far from the 2008 version, and it doesn't need to. Controls, visuals, performance, and the clunky 3D map have all been improved this time around." -- Joseph Yaden [Full review]

IGN - 9/10

"With its stunningly redesigned spaceship, smartly and subtly enhanced story, and spectacularly reimagined action scenes, Motive Studio has managed to successfully breathe new life into the seminal sci-fi horror universe of Dead Space. Despite the fact I've returned to the 2008 original several times over the years and found it to hold up fairly well, my latest journey through the darkened hallways of the USG Ishimura still managed to consistently surprise me and pull me into Isaac's plight far more than ever before, while still satisfying my desire to butcher undead astronauts with an enjoyable arsenal of wildly unsafe mining tools." -- Tristan Ogilvie [Full review]

PCGamesN - 9/10

"It's ever so slightly rough around the edges, and Isaac Clarke now looks like Adam Sandler for some reason, but it's a respectful rework that'll hopefully mark the franchise's triumphant return. Thanks to Motive, I'm now more open to the idea of Xbox 360-era remakes, and I can't wait to see what's on the cards for Dead Space 2." -- Phil Hayton [Full review]

VGC - 4/5

"Dead Space is a visually stunning remake that is both faithful to the original, and modernizes what it needs to. The remake naturally looks significantly better than the original, but it's the addition of voice acting for Isaac and the more natural dialogue this produces which is the most effective update here. The game isn't without its lulls but the overall experience is just as thrilling as it was 15 years ago." -- Chris Scullion [Full review]

Game Informer - 9/10

"Rather than reinvent the wheel, Motive made Dead Space look nicer, play better, and preserved the core of the experience. Its new flourishes add to that enjoyment instead of subtracting. This remake respects and polishes up my memories of Isaac's first encounter with the necromorphs without making me miss the original version. It also acts as the perfect entry point for newcomers since it feels on par with today's titles. I hope this exceptional revision signals to EA that Dead Space has plenty of gas in the tank and becomes a harbinger for more horrifying stories in this universe." -- Marcus Stewart [Full review]

Eurogamer - Unscored

"While this is a meticulous and appreciative reworking, a little too much of it seems designed to get in the original's way, to blur its focus and mutate it into an appendage of the omnivorous franchise operation it would become, where everything needs to be written into an on-going narrative backdrop, and genuine ambiguity is minimized. Rather than rescuing the past, it represents a franchise reaching its tendrils backward through time to become its own progenitor. The results can be compelling, but make sure you play the 2008 game first." -- Edwin Evans-Thirlwell [Full review]

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