Reverse-Horror Monster Game Carrion Is Coming To Xbox One As Well As PC Next Year

Xbox One owners will be able to do the monster mash next year.


Carrion, a reverse-horror game where you play as the monster, was first shown at GDC 2018 and is due to release in 2020. The game was announced as a PC release, and will be made available on Steam at launch. It casts you as a many-tentacled monster that smashes its way through the facility it was born in, killing the scientists that created you and destroying as much of the building as you can.

Now the game has been announced for Xbox One as well, ahead of a playable demo being available at X019 in London from November 14-16. The game will launch alongside the PC version, although neither release has a specific launch date yet beyond '2020'. A short trailer has been released alongside the announcement, although it does not reveal anything new about the game.

We also know, thanks to a tweet by Xbox Game Pass (embedded below), that some new titles will be announced for Microsoft's subscription service during X019--although it seems unlikely that Carrion will be one of them, since publisher Devolver Digital's co-founder Graeme Struthers is wary of game subscriptions.

A sneak-peek demo was available for a limited time over Halloween. It's no longer available, but you can check out 15 minutes of gameplay footage we snagged from it.

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